Boy! I love warranties

Driving to work at 4am.

I accelerate to pass yet another San Diego asshat driver. Really? The freeway is wide open and you’re playing pacecar, racing me?

Dumbass left in the dust… 

I’m slowing down back to my normal cruising speed. Cruise control takes over and I settle in for the 25 minute ride. Then there’s a little yellow light on the control console. Humm, That looks like a little motor. 

HAL 9000

I ask the computer what’s wrong?

“All systems check OK”

“Are you on acid?”

“All systems check OK”

The computer is giving me two different readings. “Well that’s annoying,” I think to myself.

I also think this is reminiscent of the exchange between David Bowman and HAL in 2001 a Space Odyssey. 

I vaguely remember this symbol being printed on the gas door. Something to do with emissions control. I keep driving but am paying more attention to the control console and the engine status. 

It’s Labor Day, so I know there’s no point trying to get the car to a repair facility. I’ll “baby it” until I get to work, then check the gas cap.

I get to work, & park. I check the gas cap, then screw it back down until it locks.

Heading home after work, the little annoying light is still on.

Okaaay. Something is not right.  I get home and decide that after work tomorrow, I’m going to have to drop the car off at a local dealer to be checked out.

I drop the car off the next afternoon.

The local dealership is nice, efficient and I hope good. I have trust issues with mechanics and dealerships.

The dealership puts me in a fully loaded X3. Nice, if a bit large.

The service guy tells me my car should be ready to go the next day. 

Overheated Car

Late in the afternoon, I get a call from the dealership, it’s a thermostat.

How is that NOT a big enough issue for the computer to scream about?

Oh well, obviously the thermostat broke in the open position. I’m glad I didn’t just write it off as a gas cap and drive to Riverside in the heat.

Not a pretty image!

Anyhow, it’s a free repair. The dealership is going to be free under warranty. 

All in all, aside from the inconvenience of having to take the car to a dealership. It’s a good outcome.

I’ll have my lady back and then figure out what to do with the rest of my “weekend”.

Still little forward motion…

IMG 0774

The insurance company is still trying to determine if they’ll fix the car.

The police report is still not in the insurance company’s hands.

My car is at a 5 star rated repair facility, I saw it yesterday and it broke my heart again to see it. But I needed to get stuff out of the trunk.

The woman that ran the red is still claiming that I ran the light (The maid doth protest too much.

I expect at any moment to receive notification that I’m being sued I’m sure there’s going to be some ambulance chasing attorney who’ll tell her she’s going to get big bucks from the guy driving the nice car.

I’m not worried too much about that but it will be an annoyance. You know, just one more thing to rub salt in the wound.

I had a nice therapeutic massage on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning when I woke up, my BP was down by 10 points. It is amazing what muscle tension will do to your body.

I slept pretty soundly Wednesday and Thursday night. Still hurting sometimes but definitely feeling and moving better than I was the week after the accident.

The whole day has been spent…

Cleaning up someone else’s mess.

I’ve been on the phone off & on since 6:30 AM PST

Insurance company, rental car company, towing company, insurance company, trying to reach someone in HR at the POS company I work for.

I kinda need a couple of days off give the way I feel but NOOOO! Not one person in the HR or benefits dept could be bothered to call me back. So much for being able to access your benefits, one of which is supposed to be having time off when your injured. 

While my injuries are not severe, I am in a lot of pain and would like to know how to activate or access those benefits without being penalized for being absent.

Typical of the fucked up chaos that is that company.

Yeah I’m hurting and cranky but I’m expected to be sitting at my desk with a smile on my face at 5AM tomorrow. I suppose this is how they force you to show up. I really have come to hate working there. Bad management, bad supervisors, poor organization, and no assistance whatsoever.

So now I have to decide take another “occurrence” risking being fired, or show up hoping I can keep a lid on my temper.

I’m going the Scarlett O’Hara route… “I shall think about this tomorrow.”

Well $1000 a day, Wish I’d taken a vacation instead.

IMG 0768

So I’m heading to the apartment in Escondido. After a long day, I’m looking forward to having something to eat. I come to an intersection, the light is green and has been for at least 10 -20 seconds. I proceed through the intersection and out of the corner of my eye is movement where it shouldn’t have been.

IMG 0762

Suddenly, there’s a van in front of me. I stand on the brakes but it’s far too late. The laws of physics can’t be denied.

I hit the van broadside The last thing I see is children, OH SHIT! I hit them. All things considered, I wish I’d been able to defer paying for the car repair… I only had my Wolf back for 3 days.

The van spins then turns over finally coming to rest on it’s side. Facing the opposite direction from it’s original direction of travel.  I see steam coming from under my hood, and have the presence of mind to shut the engine down, then count my bones. I’m facing about 90° from my original direction of travel.


IMG 0765

I see adults hanging from their seat belts. The children are also hanging in their car seats. I don’t see blood so that’s good.

I remember something about Moment Of Inertia and realize that the woman driver must have been really traveling. I find my phone, have to think about how to disconnect the phone from the hands free system. I dial 911 and a chirpy operator answers immediately.

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“Uh I’ve been in an accident.”


“Uh corner of Grand and Valley”

“Is anyone hurt?

“Not sure, we’re going to need police, traffic control, tow trucks, and possibly paramedics.”

“Are you alright?”

“I don’t know, I think I’m OK but I’m not sure.”

IMG 0763

Internally, my diagnostics are running overtime. Systems aren’t reporting in the way they should. I realize later it was adrenaline blocking pain receptors.

We are designed to remain functional despite severe injuries. Part of the design is to block pain until the fight is over.

A crowd has gathered. A guy signals a Thumbs Up at me. I shake my head yes. He moves to the other vehicle.

I get out of the car, I don’t remember hanging up the phone.

The police arrive, a too young handsome cop asks me for my license, registration & insurance.

There is chaos, and some nice folks volunteer to me and the police that the van ran the red light.

IMG 0764

I think my wolf died today.

So I get to miss another day of work. I will never be able to replace my wolf with the current job. Hell, I probably can’t replace the car with any car on the pay I earn. This is literally my worst fear of living in San Diego. People here drive like they’re in Tijuana.

The driver of the other car was Spanish speaking only.  According to the police they are insured, so there’s that.

It’s been a couple of hours, now and I’m stiff and sore. Tomorrow will no doubt be a day of pain.

So now I get to clean up another mess, that I didn’t create. And I’ll suffer both financially and possibly lose my job over it.

I’ve been looking for another job anyway, but this will probably end my job on someone else’s terms. Great!

This might be very very bad…


I’ll be danged

Finally found a decent car wash in Escondido. 

Nice to head up to the mountains and have a clean car… at least at the beginning of the weekend. 

It will be a busy couple of days. Stuff to fix chores to do and then back to work. 

Hopefully next week will be better than the last one. 

Time will. I doubt tell. 

New Feet

DSC 0442I didn’t really need to spend the money. Well… I DID, but I’d have preferred to wait a while longer.  

The tires on the car were feeling mushy in the curves and I don’t even want to talk about the squirrelly way the car performed on the wet San Diego freeways.

I’d been putting it off and when I pulled into the driveway Tuesday afternoon I could easily see that the rear tired were getting scalloped in the inside edges. Okay… its time! 

Having an accident would be way more expensive than simply fixing the problem.

So here I am, having found my trusted tire guys after their move and they got tires for me with one day notice.

It’s nice to do business with folks that you know… What was really funny is that when I gave them the license plate, they remembered the car much more than they remembered me. Funny how that works with car guys…

So once I have my new tires… I’m heading to SD early. I’m already about halfway there from home. rather than mess with the drive back to the mountain and then dealing with traffic on the way back to SD, this just makes better sense.

I’ll be at work tomorrow and should get a decent nights sleep so that I’m ready for the “joys” that will befall me in the coming week.

I hope your upcoming weekend is a good one.

The new feet feel great! The ride is smoother and the clutch even feels better. I’m wondering if the funkiness in the clutch was because of the tires not gripping very well. In anycase it was money I’d rather not have spent just yet, but based on the improvement and the fact that my car feels like it’s riding on rails again… I guess I’m glad I did it.