I got a call from Express Scripts yesterday.

God, I thought I was done with those fuckers!

It turns out that my new Obamacare sanctioned, lemon scented medical policy apparently has some kind of alliance or affiliation with Express Scripts.

I told the machine “NO! FUCK NO! I Hate you People” and hung up.

I do hope they were recording the user responses. I’d love to be in the room when someone hears that response. I’m equally sure that they hear it all the time, given the number of hits my other Express Scripts posts get on this blog.


Express Scripts is not to be used, In fact, if my new Obamacare approved insurance policy forces me to deal with Express Scripts, I’ll change insurance carriers.

That is how strongly I feel about Express Scripts.

These people are scum and their service is best thought of as a really, really, bad Indian call center for drugs.

You might get the right information or drug… But odds are better that you’re going to get the wrong shit.

These are the people that sent me a cholesterol drug, which as it turned out I was allergic to and, oh by the way, was recalled because it was contaminated with ground glass.

Would they swap it? NOPE! The bitch on the phone actually said I’d have to put up with hives until I ran out of my 90 day supply.

I didn’t know it at the time but hives can be very dangerous.

However since I’m also not a masochist I simply didn’t take the drug. Then when the recall got announced on TV I called Express Scripts AGAIN and asked why the hell they hadn’t contacted me about the contamination of the drug.

Their answer… oh that’s the patients responsibility.


No, I will not deal with them, not now and unless I have no other choice, NOT EVER!

I’m contacting my Doc, to find out what it would take for me to get off the few medications I take.

Yes, I know I could simply stop taking them, but I’d like to do this safely and am willing to change my habits enough so that I could stay healthy and off meds hopefully for a decade or so.

Of course, this could mean Obamacare is working…

As I’ve said elsewhere, there wont be any death panels. There will simply be people that don’t get the right meds, or effective treatments.

It will be totally random and take years for the Government to investigate why so many people are dying of “Illneses for which they were taking the correct meds.

The answer will ultimately be; players like Express Scripts and their crappy record keeping, horrible shipping policies, and sloppy fulfillment of prescriptions caused the death of thousands.

Then there’ll be another decade of discussion and voting to improve laws governing big pharmaceutical distributors like Express Scripts during which thousands more will die.


All the while players like Express Scripts will be driving real pharmacies and real pharmacists out of local neighborhoods and making a fortune doing it.

The inner city poor will be decimated first, when their neighborhood pharmacies close. Then it will spread to the suburbs.

Fight Companies like Express Scripts!

Refuse to cooperate, don’t comply. Raise hell if your HR department even mentions Express Scripts. Tell your insurer that you don’t want to have to deal with Express Scripts

If you’re already stuck with these bastards, check every single prescription. Question everything about them, make them earn their money, tie up phone lines and don’t use their website

Don’t take their word for anything about generics, or drugs they substitute without talking to you.

Make sure they have cleared every substitution with your physician. In my case Express Scripts lied repeatedly!

They’d never contacted my Doctor about any substitutions. I’m not talking just generics, I’m saying Express Scripts changed the drug they sent me entirely.


Save your neighborhood pharmacy. Save your life.


Yeah, I’m passionate about it.

There’s something to be said for walking into your local pharmacy and actually talking to a real pharmacist who has records of what you’re taking and knows if you’re looking at a drug interaction.

Express Scripts couldn’t keep it straight, and I was using their automated reorder system.

That system was ALWAYS wrong! To make matters worse, the phone people aren’t pharmacists and they have no better access to information about what they’ve sent you than their web site, which as I’ve said was always wrong.

Medications are serious business. Get the wrong combination and you wake up in the hospital. If you wake up at all.

Yet no-one you speak to at Express Scripts has any accountability or training to answer questions other than accounting related stuff.

Worse yet, if you have a problem with a medication, when you call your doctor you’ll  have to read him or her the name of whatever it is you were taking because of the substitution some “Medical Board” made without actually examining or seeing you. Odds are they didn’t bother to send him or her any information about what you’re actually taking instead of what your doctor prescribed.

That of course presumes you can reach your doctor. What if you can’t? What if the drug interaction is severe? Do you wait it out, or do you go to an Emergency Room?

I like being able to talk to my local pharmacist. I like being able to ask questions and appreciate being warned of potential problems to watch out for. I like being forewarned and being told what to do If X, Y, or Z happen.

There are some things that big nameless, faceless, corporations simply shouldn’t be involved in.

Dispensing drugs is one of them.

OH, For God Sake

DSC 1405

Late last summer the flood control folks from the county decided they were going to do us all a favor by digging out the wash that starts at the top of an 8000 ft mountain down to the desert floor.

This decision in turn subjected all of the local residents to months of ground shaking, rumbling, dust, speeding dumptrucks, damaged roads, and, in the end left us with a view that looked like a moonscape.

We weren’t pleased about what they’d done. We were over fucking joyed when the heavy equipment finally left and we were no longer in the middle of a fucking construction project. It was our Christmas present and we all sighed a deep sigh of relief.

Then in March, it rained! God forbid, it should actually rain!

What happened next was what many of us had predicted would happen. As I noted in an earlier blog any child who grew up east of the Kalifornia border and whose parents weren’t terrified of their child actually being … a child … knows what happens when you build a “Straight channel” down a slope and it rains.

The surrounding dirt fills in the bottom of the channel and dirt from the top of the slope comes tumbling down to fill in your carefully dug channel.

IMG 0014

(As a kid I lost more plastic army men in channels dug in my sandbox and back yard than I can shake a stick at. I’d love to see the archeologists face in 2000 years when they excavate my old back yard.)

However unlike the small channels dug with a garden trowel replicating the movie  “Guns of Navarone,” the channel behind our residences is deep enough and wide enough that when the material started moving, it really started moving.

Lets see, 8000 ft mountain, deep channel, nothing to hold material in place, (since they couldn’t take their excavations and concrete the barriers right to the base of the mountain because that is national forestry land), and what do you get?

A large movement of dirt, rocks, debris, and god knows what else all over cemented barriers and you still have the road (which is too low in the first place) flooded out and buried.

A child could have predicted what was going to happen. 

SheepCreekWash SlipperyElmRd LookingNorth01

All this is a rehash of what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future, provided Kalifornia doesn’t become a desert akin to the Sahara.

My gripe isn’t so much about the utter stupidity of this whole wash project itself. I’ve been pissed off for a while because absolutely nothing that the county said was going to happen, has happened (aside from the construction itself.)

My gripe is about the complete destruction of the peace & quiet.

Throughout the tail end of the summer when I should have been enjoying my back deck, I couldn’t. In the Fall when I’ve spent happy hours writing blogs, or my books watching the seasons change I was denied the simplicity of sitting on my deck in the early morning or evening watching the sun rise or set over the desert.

SheepCreekWash SlipperyElmRd LookingWest01 1

We honestly thought that our Christmas celebrations were going to be disrupted with the clanking of bulldozers and dump trucks. As a result, I barely put up any lights or decorations because I simply couldn’t stand the horrific din of being at ground zero of a construction project.

I was recently away, I was in a very small town in FL. My folks home backs up to a swampy area which at one end is truly a swamp, the other end opens onto a lake. In point of fact it would probably all be a lake had it not been for some illegal dredging in the past 50 years.

The point is, I got used to the silence. The sound of birds, the sound of rain on the roof (No, NOT TIN! Thank you very much, although Tin roofs are making a nostalgic comeback on certain upscale yuppie homes.) The sounds of frogs, and splashes of fish making a meal of an insect on the surface of the lake. It was a quiet kind of noisy, the sounds were natural, familiar, and put me at ease.

Then I come home.

DSC 0562

And what does my first week home bring me? 

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, Rumble, rumble, diesel stench, and dump tucks racing up & down the road in front of my home. Endless noise of heavy equipment starting at 7am and ending at 5:30.

Because now you see, they have to empty all the dirt and rock from the channel they created. Yep they have an ongoing POS flood control thing to maintain. Guess that’s one way to keep people working.

Unfortunately, it’s not very convenient for me. Most of the year, we have the windows open taking advantage of the nice cross breezes we’re fortunate enough to have.

Last year, because of all the noise, dust and general chaos we kept our windows closed starting in August. You don’t even want to know about the electric bill because of the air conditioning use.

Here we are again, trapped in the house the temperatures are going up and pretty soon we’re going to either have to open the windows or start running the A/C.

All of which makes me want to do nothing but get in my car and leave! Again!

DSC 0553

At 7 am this morning the beeping that woke me wasn’t in fact a malfunctioning alarm clock but was instead, a grader driving up the newly created access road next to the wash. After slamming my hand on the “Snooze” button a few times to no avail, I seriously thought about calling a realtor. 


I’m being driven out of my home, or mad, or both by a flood control project I didn’t ask for, to solve a problem that didn’t exist until they started mucking about in the wash in the first place, which hasn’t solved the problem.

I moved 90 miles from LA so that I could enjoy the quiet. 

If I’m going to have to put up with the noise and hustle & bustle, and never have a moments peace, I might as well be living in fucking Hollywood. It would sure make issues on the job front easier to solve!

So my faithful readers, use this as a cautionary tale and if the county you live in, decides to “Make things better, or safer… especially if they’re talking about a problem that you’ve never heard of or seen before…


Pull an Arthur Dent, lay down in front of the equipment. Protest, and if necessary, start yanking distributor caps of the machines in the dead of night. Believe me, no good will come of a project the county decides is best for everyone.

Excuse me I’m going to check zillow for comps on my house, maybe I can sell this place and not lose my shirt.

Right! That’s IT!


I’ve long posed the question; 

“Where do my rights end, and yours begin?”

That question has been a guiding principal in my life. If I thought what I wanted to do was going to infringe on someone else’s rights then I typically wouldn’t do it.

I’d restrain myself, not because I was afraid of the person, or the law. I’d restrain myself because in a polite society it’s easier and more profitable to respect each other. And were I to put myself in the other guys place, I’d appreciate being treated with respect.


You’d be AMAZED how that simple philosophy is received when you’re traveling outside the United States! I take a great deal of pride in not being the asshole American who expects everyone to kowtow to my requests. Great food and awesome local drinks being the least of the rewards I’ve received for being a decent human being.

I’m over certain segments of our population demanding more than their fair share. I’m even more over the arbiters political correctness giving in, again and again.

Let me explain what led to this particular rant.

I was watching a YouTube video of the Airforce Orchestra performing in the Air & Space Museum over the holidays.

In the past, all the craziness in my mind would have silenced and my mind would have been focused on the absolute beauty of the music and the cool way that the orchestra made its entrance.

Picture a “Flash Mob” but with musical instruments.


It starts out with a guy playing single cello in a large open museum space, then the orchestra forms around that. 

It’s damn cool!

You can see more and more people who were touring the museum simply stopping and enjoying the music. The piece was Bach, jesu “Joy of mans desiring”.

Pretty soon it was standing room only and it is obvious people were enjoying the performance. I was too, the piece is beautifully done.

Anyway, where normally I’d have had absolute focus on the music and not been thinking of anything else, all sudden a thought goes through my head


I’m sure some atheist or muslim or satanist, is running for the phone to contact an ALCU attorney to file a complaint about having to endure hearing a piece of music at a nationally funded museum, which has become associated with the evil pagan holiday known to Christendom as Christmas.

My brain rebooted!

I couldn’t “unthink” that thought. I wondered if I was seeing the last public exhibition of this kind.

It dawned on me; the Atheists, Muslims, or Satanists have TAKEN something from me!

I’m completely content to live and let live. I’m not going to shove my beliefs down an atheists throat. I’m not going to try to save their soul. Why? Because I don’t give a damn. Their soul or beliefs are absolutely none of my concern.

I hope their dirt nap is long and pleasant. As long as I don’t have to hear them whining about the inequity of death for all of eternity, I’m going to be just pleased as punch.

BUT, I enjoy the holiday season, I enjoy the music, and I enjoy the nativity scenes. I like the decorations and the wonder of the little children as the they anticipate Santa’s yearly delivery.

That I can no longer enjoy these things, without thinking about stupid assed lawsuits has taken something from me. 

INewImaget’s taken my peace of mind.

Really, Mr. Atheist, Muslim, or Satanist? It hurts your eyes to see a cross in a park? It offends you to see a nativity scene on public property? Your world view is challenged by a decorated pine tree? Brightly colored packages with pretty bows and shining faces of children offends you? Really?

What about the fact that I personally respect and enjoy these traditions? Why are you taking my right to enjoy these things away?

My beliefs are not mainstream Christian. I wouldn’t, however demand that these things be stricken from my sight. I don’t participate in Kwanza, nor do I participate in Ramadan but I’m not going to demand the Kwanza parade to be disbanded. I’m not going to force feed muslims during Ramadan for their own good either. 

This is the same revisionist PC crap as forbidding confederate flags to decorate confederate graves, once a fucking year, because of the “racist” overtones.


Those men weren’t thinking about racism when they died, they were thinking about protecting their homes, families, fortunes, and livelihoods. Those men deserve to have their graves decorated with their flag, just as much as the union soldiers deserve to have their graves decorated with the union flag. 

Context is everything. Racism exists; however seeing racism everywhere or being offended about a cross, nativity, tree, or holiday is a matter of choice.

There’s a critical point here that many of the PC apologists have forgotten.

The concept of public spaces. 

That means everyone is free to use those spaces and that I OWN a fractional part of that space through my tax dollars.

If I, and 10,000 other people combine our fractional parts of the public space and decide to set up a nativity scene or hold a musical performance of Christmas carols it’s my, and 10,000 other folks right to do so.

If that offends one Atheist, TOUGH SHIT!


Welcome to the real world. (It’s not about you 24/7 you selfish prick.)

I’m personally offended when someone decides the ten commandments shouldn’t be on a court house wall. I’m more offended that the removal of the ten commandments forces un-necessary expenditure of taxpayer dollars to remove and retrofit the building. 

It’s fairly safe to say, the ten commandments form some part of the foundation of our society. Why anyone would have a problem acknowledging that is beyond me. 

Yes we’re supposed to have separation of church and state. I agree with that; however,  I don’t see that a depiction of the ten commandments violates that separation any more than having the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, of Magna Carta.

I personally think “THOU SHALT NOT LIE” is a great way for everyone in a court house to start their day.

Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, and citizens can all benefit from a reminder to be truthful. That’s probably why the architects of many of these building thought it appropriate to include the Ten Commandments in the buildings design, in the first place.

For years I’ve more or less been able to ignore this bullshit.

I’ve gone on with my life and simply filtered my intake. 


No, that’s not quite right. I’ve seen a Star of David, or Buddha, Cross, or Star & Crescent, or one of the countless other symbols of faith or political affiliations and I’ve respected their meaning.

I may not have any depth of knowledge about these symbols other than they are important to the group of people that erected them.

That is all I have to know. 

They’re important to the people who follow those beliefs and are therefore deserving of my respect.

I find myself now asking;

Am I the only dumbass on the planet that still thinks that way?

I’ve not preached coexistence, I’ve been living it. 

Now I’m demanding it!


Leave me, my traditions, and beliefs the hell alone.

It’s high time we all remembered to engage in a little mutual respect!

BTW, Next time I fly into Minneapolis, I’m going to be carrying a bottle of whiskey!

Taxi drivers beware!

I’m over being in the middle of a construction zone

DSC 0563

I’m tired of being trapped in the house.

I’m tired of the house shaking and the dust.

I’m over the constant growling and “Beep”,  “Beep”,  “Beep”,  “Beep”, “Beep”, “Beep”,  “Beep” of the trucks, steam shovels, and bulldozers.

I’m sick of all of this and I swear to you I think this is all because some people in the town council were inconvenienced one summer by the road washing out. So they whined at the county and sentenced ALL of us on the “low rent side of town” to having our summer, our fall, and now the holidays disrupted.

After all why should they care? This construction isn’t in their back yards. Well you bastards… it IS in my back yard, literally!

I’ve given up straightening the pictures on the walls. I’m spending a large portion of my day comforting the dogs who freak out when the house shakes like we’re having a 2.0 or better earthquakes.

DSC 0572

And then there’s the pure annoyance factor!

I didn’t move 80 miles OUT of the big cities of LA and Orange counties so that my house could be smack in the center of a construction zone.

They said they’d be done by Thanksgiving…

It’s damn near Christmas and they’re showing no signs of being near done.

6 days a week, 10 hours a day. Dawn to dark, they’re not even leaving enough time to walk the dogs (or myself).

This is really starting to get to me! I keep thinking it might be more quiet in a one hour hotel room with a crack den next door in the middle of Hollywood.

Plus the fact that these guys have no clue about how to deal with snow or ice. Hint: Clear the snow off the road before you drive 20 ton trucks on it. Then you won’t need the thing that looks like a blowtorch to melt the compressed ice so that your trucks can keep going without slipping.

We won’t even talk about the damage done to the road.

You know, the road that residents ponied up the cash to install, the one the county demands use of, but will not maintain, repair, or send a snow plow up?

Yeah, that road!

All the damage is new and caused by these folks driving vehicles they know are too heavy up and down in front of my house.

Yeah, I’m sick of all this crap!

I wake up every single day and wonder if this is that day I list this house for sale and leave!

This shit has completely destroyed the quality of life up here.

Saturday and today are the worst in a long time.

It’s hard to concentrate. You can’t watch TV or a movie because the noise is so loud you have to have the sound so high it’s uncomfortable just to hear a show over the noise outside.

Try doing a telephone job interview!

It sounds like you’re homeless, living on the streets because you can’t find a quiet place ANYWHERE in your own home to have a conversation.

I understand now why people snap!

OK I’m a little pissed off.


Been sitting on this one for a while may as well let ‘er rip!

I don’t get out much. I have few friends, & I generally am exactly where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there.

Recently, a couple of incidents have occurred where I wasn’t at the beck & call of my other half, and all hell broke loose!

The first was when I was helping out with stocking and organizing at a retail establishment owned by a friend. The second was a week or two ago.

The first incident, I was in a seriously crappy cell service area. You’d have thought I was an Alzheimer’s patient or a Megan alert had been issued.

I’m still hearing about it from acquaintances that got called REPEATEDLY because OOOHHHHHHH I was gone for 4 hours. 

The second incident…

I’m at the freakin neighbors! All my vehicles are at home. Obviously I’m on foot and probably hadn’t gone far. In the end the other half found me with ease!


I had dinner & drinks and adult conversation with the neighbors.  

We were chatting, laughing, and having one of those rambling discussions that is a whole lot of fun. YES! We talked about sex… and POLITICS!

My other half called at freaking midnight. I didn’t hear the phone.

The Neighbors & I were listening to music and having an impassioned political discussion. There’s a knock at the door, My other half has stomped over to give me the stink eye and basically harsh EVERYONES buzz. 

I honestly don’t know what the fuck I did wrong. 

OOoOOppps I didn’t hear the phone ring OMG! It’s a crime!


Unlike the other half, and many other rude people I know, I don’t typically answer the phone to talk to a person on the phone, when I’m having a conversation with another person in real life.

I’d decided that I was going to be calm and just have a conversation about what was driving this; to y mind insane behavior.

When we had that conversation the other half fell on their own sword. It wasn’t like I could beat the subject any further but I do wonder whats driving this bit of crazy.

As I said, i don’t go anywhere, I have few friends. The friends I do have are busy with their own lives and social events so it’s not like I’m cheating or anything.


And even if I was, who cares? For the 25 years we’ve been together, there has never been any prohibition against having a little fun outside the relationship as long as the rules were obeyed.

From day one I’ve been very honest about the fact that I absolutely refuse to be contained, chained, or controlled.

The bullshit line “I was worried” ain’t holding water. 

I’m a fucking adult male.

I’m an apex predator, and you know what? When I was driving 92 fucking miles one way to work I never got this “I was worried bullshit”. Nope never!


Apparently, sitting in traffic 6 hours a day is ok. You know where I could have been in an accident, or shot, after all I was driving through Compton, none of that raised a fucking eyebrow.

But now if I’m not sitting in this fucking house 24/7 it’s cause for panic and honestly what I think of as the height of rude behavior.

This shit has got to stop.

I can’t even imagine what things are going to be like if I’m traveling for work or a book signing or whatever.

I have no doubt it will be interesting. 

The question is, will it be so interesting that I decide I’ve had quite enough?

Time will tell.

Oh for Pete’s sake! I’m so over these Silly Assed Boycotts!


I was scanning twitter this morning and ran across this;

@jeromeehudson So, you’re at Chick-fil-a (AGAIN), eh @BruceCarrollSC?? You’re a self-loathing piece of work

I thought “Oh God!” aren’t we past these things yet?


Mr. Hudson is going on about the Chic-fil-a ruckus, that started when some executive from Chic-Fil-A said he didn’t agree with gay marriage or didn’t like gay people or some such.

As you can tell I was offended so much by the comments of the Chic-fil-a person I totally remember exactly what it was all about. Yeah right! I so didn’t give a shit

Mainly because I don’t care what one person says or that (he or she) is an executive of a company or that they’re making 1000 times more money than me.

This is one of the things that I find so damn offensive about the mainstream GLBT community. My sexuality has never defined my politics, why does the GLBT community allow it to define theirs?


The GLBT community and others, tend to boycott at the drop of a hat over no damn good reason. In some boycotts the GLBT folks will even devour their own. Such as the gay bar owner who was… Horror of horrors Republican!.

Now we’ve got the Barilla boycott. Really? Lets see a name like Guido Barilla, anybody care to guess what his religion probably is? Can you say most likely traditionally Catholic? Are you really surprised that he’d be opposed to showing gay families? More-over, why isn’t he allowed to speak his mind without haveing to live in fear that some half baked group will get their panties in a twist.

Aren’t there far more important things to worry about?


Anybody remember the Coors boycott of the ’80s? It was in all the papers, well at least the gay papers. Coors was being mean and oppressive I vaguely recall it was something to do with firing gay workers or some such. So the gay community made the grandiose gesture of not buying Coors beer or serving it in gay bars.

This went on for years… As did Coors Brewing. I doubt seriously that Coors noticed much of a dip in their bottom line.

I honestly don’t know if you can get a Coors beer in a gay bar now. I’m afraid to ask for fear that the patrons of the bar would go feral, turn on me and rip my carcass to bloody shreds.

Just for asking the question…


Oh hey, look at that. Coors is marketing specifically to gay people. Well it only took 25 years for the gay community to forget about the boycott.

How about the Great Hotel boycott of the early 2000s in San Diego? OMG someone at the hotel said some bad things about the GLBT community. They must be boycotted forever to make them understand that we are important and powerful and …


In short, Convert or die!


Not a particularly healthy attitude and I’m apparently not alone in beginning to feel that the GLBT community is being perceived as Nazi-esq.

I stumbled across this little jewel of a graphic to the right, on the internet. It came up within the first page of images. 

All I can say is DAMN! I’ll bet the Stonewall democrats and Log Cabin Republicans never saw this coming.

Then the executive at Chic-Fil-A said he didn’t agree with gay marriage AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGGHHHHH! The GLBT community whips itself into a froth AGAIN. With boycotts and protests and all manner of idiocy.

The Chic-Fil-A executive expressed HIS opinion! He’s entitled to speak his mind.

That folks is a right protected by the first amendment of the constitution.

You know the same right that allows the GLBT community to express their opinion with protests, signs, and boycotts?

Why the hell is it wrong for a single person to say what he thinks, and yet OK for the GLBT community to disrupt (or attempt to disrupt) his business?


More recently there was the great Vodka pouring in LA and New York because of the Russian governments oppression of gay people.

As the Russians were probably saying “Big Deal, So What?”

Much of the Vodka you morons were pouring out isn’t even made in Russia. So if you really want to make an impact don’t go to the Olympics in Russia. Don’t watch it on television but that’s about all you can do. The GLBT community is largely impotent in the affairs of the Russian government.


Why isn’t the GLBT community boycotting OIL, after all Iran and Iraq have some of the most hideous laws against GLBT people. Oh right, our cars… well we need them don’t we?

The single most offensive hypocrisy I have every heard of is this;

Apparently a Gay bar in San Diego was the object of an intended Boycott by GAY people because the Owner of the bar happened to be Republican and expressed his dismay at President Obama’s re-election. I’m putting this perhaps more delicately than reality. The Bar Owner was flat out pissed off about it, and said so in public in the bar.

That probably wasn’t the wisest move but HE OWNS the place and therefore should be able to express himself even in a fit of anger.

What followed was insanity.

This bar owner is known for his generosity and contributions to the community. But because he’s a Republican, and not in lockstep with the predominately Democratic members of the GLBT community he was suddenly targeted for destruction.

After all if you don’t believe every word that falls from the lips of the approved GLBT roster of celebrities and politicians is pure gold you must be defective. Even if you’re asking legitimate questions for legitimate reasons.

I’ve always pictured the end of “Invasion of the body snatchers” when I think about this subject.


It’s time for the GLBT community to grow the hell up, & start acting their age.

We’re not going to be liked by everyone, any more than black or hispanic people are. Get over it!

We can’t force people to like us with litigation (See Affirmative Action) or protests (See A Day without Mexicans) or sweet words (See President Obama).

There will always be a percentage of the population that doesn’t like either a particular minority group or several. SO WHAT? SHIT HAPPENS!

Move on with your life like an adult.

I’m an American. I’ll eat what I damn well please, drink what I damn well please, and no-one is going to stop me. I’ll smoke if I want to, I’ll fuck who I want, when I want to, and whatever gender I choose.

No, I don’t suffer from self loathing. I suffer from pride in myself and my ability to make up my OWN mind. I reject group think. I participate in those things that I’ve decided are worth my time. Silly assed boycotts simply don’t make the cut. Hearing about silly assed boycotts just pisses me off.


If you don’t like it… shut the hell up.

Go engage in that ancient & time honored tradition the world over…

Gossip about it behind my back!

But don’t you DARE tell me to boycott someone or infringe on THEIR right to have their beliefs, opinions, or freedom of speech. 

I realize I’m asking for a lot. After all you’d have to actually read several news papers then compare and contrast the various arguments pro and con about a particular subject.

Who has time? After all you’ve got to get your hair cut, text all your friends, and be at the next party, with a whole new wardrobe.

It’s easier to be told what to think by a 30 second news report that will define how you vote, which maybe you’ll do… If there’s time on the way to the party.

Equality doesn’t mean domination. It means we live peacefully, as neighbors and don’t bother each other with our stereos.