OH Shut the hell up!

I wake up, get coffee, wake up the computer, sit down…

The very first thing I see as I’m firing up my browser to check which bills need to be paid is an AP headline article. 

Trump family dinner raises issues on press access

You have got to be freaking kidding me!

Other articles report it like, Trump leaves his Dark Tower.

Sauron 2

Really? So you’re using a literary allusion implying that President Elect Trump is Sauron from the Tolkien classics.  Oh For pete’s sake.

The man hasn’t taken his oath of office, he’s the President Elect, not the President yet. 

And let’s face it Journalists, you haven’t done anything to endear yourselves to the President Elect. Is it really all that surprising that he’d like to have a dinner with his family away from your scrutiny?

After all how many poison pens have you emptied on how many thousands of reams of paper trying to tear the man and his family down.

God knows, I wouldn’t want to have my food turn to ash on my tongue (obscure literary allusion) because some reporter saw me not using a salad fork.

I can see that headline.

Can wwducat be trusted at state dinners, he doesn’t know which fork to use!

 Look Journalists…

You’ve betrayed the public trust. You’ve been caught time and again displaying incredible bias over the past eight years. That is your responsibility, you have no-one to blame but yourselves. So it’s time for you to own it.

Decide if you want to continue to be yellow journalists or if you want to move back toward being the folks the nation looks to for truth.


I’m sorry, but it’s going to take consistent unbiased fact checking, for years, to regain the people’s trust. The mistakes and excesses of  the past will be visited upon newly minted journalists, today and well into the future.

Stop looking for the fluff pieces. WHO the hell cares if Trump goes to dinner with his family away from prying eyes? Why does that matter?

If you must report on the President Elect; report on his cabinet postings, his advisors, his plans for uniting the country, improving the economy, and all the other major issues we face.

You might begin by being polite and checking your privilege. It probably wouldn’t hurt if you quit your whinging about being shunned as well. 

We don’t need moment by moment coverage of the President Elect’s flatulence.

We need you to understand that the duty of your profession is to provide information.

That information, should consist of simply the facts of a situation with as little personal opinion or bias as possible.

You’re rather tough job is to report what you see and what you’ve discovered via investigation, not hearsay. Then you must leave it to the people to decide what they want to do with the information. It’s a tough job, and often thankless, but it’s a vital job to ensure the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

Recently, you’ve gone wrong; a bit off the rails… Fortunately, Americans are generally forgiving and it’s not too late to regain the respect that you one enjoyed.

If you want to express your opinions write Op-Ed pieces. Otherwise keep your opinions to yourselves and report the facts.

Just my opinion…

Oh Yeah… Gotta make sure ya get that pound of flesh!

First, I guess I took a little more than a short technology break. I don’t know how frequently I’m going to be posting but I’ll see what I can do to be a bit more regular about it.


I’m posting about this growing trend to make sure that someone is absolutely bashed, kicked, shows appropriate contrition, and then is bashed and kicked some more.

Here’s an example.

Been working at a company 6 months, been transferring calls to the appropriate extension for all that time. Phones and extensions are changing all the time and so it was without much surprise that I get a new phone list.

Dead center of the page, there’s a RED label that says “Warm Transfer” followed by an extension. It’s an unfamiliar extension and so at a glance you’d think that the red lettering was calling your attention to a new extension.



Turns out someone thought that coloring only the words “Warm Transfer” was a good idea to highlight a supervisory extension on an otherwise data heavy, very busy page.

So in a chaotic, very busy environment, where you’re graded on how many calls you take in a day, and how often your associated paperwork has mistakes and people on the phones complaining about everything from their lot in life to other products, and the product that you actually are there to answer questions about, you make a mistake. In a normal workplace, making a mistake would be, meh and the employees wouldn’t live in fear. Unfortunately that’s not the case where I work.


Someone on a call, needed to talk to a person in the department associated with the “Warm Transfer” number. So you dutifully set about to transfer them, and you dial the most prominent number on the phone list.


An unhappy supervisor answers and asks how they can help. You explain what’s up and they respond by telling you “This is a supervisor line.” You apologize, then they ask how you got this number you explain it’s on a paper in front of you next to text that says warm transfer and tell the supervisor that you’ll let everyone around you know that the number in question is associated with a supervisor so they shouldn’t use it unless they need a supervisor.

The Sup tells you ok, and transfers you to the right extension. You take care of business, then move on to the next grumpy, annoyed, irate person.

Then your corporate instant messaging lights up asking all kinds of questions and demanding to know why you’re not paying attention to their instant messages, when you’re actually doing your job and talking to a customer.

You finish the call and respond to an interrogation via instant messaging. Then you’d think it was over.



The last and final indignity is that now YOUR supervisor comes over to make sure that you are appropriately contrite, know what your mistake was, and that it was solely your fault that you interrupted a supervisor.


It was a simple and easily corrected mistake. On top of that the mistake had been corrected & noted immediately after the first supervisor had said it was the wrong extension.

But in this day & age there is no such thing as an innocent mistake. 

Waiting for your mistake

So for me at least, every day is a grueling eight hour stress test.  Make no mistakes, answer every call, don’t spend too much time documenting, move on to the next call, don’t say what should be said or what needs to be said, and live in fear or terror of being chastised, yelled at, or honestly… bullied all day long.

I come home each day more exhausted than when I was working lifting and toting 50 LB bags of fertilizer, or crawling around in 100° F attics running ductwork.

I’ll tell you this, those honest jobs were a hell of a lot more personally satisfying. 

Workplace Bullying institute

Ahh well, this too shall pass.

And that’s why I’m looking for a new job and why I’ve been offline for the most part for the past few months.

We as a society need to remember that minor mistakes and problems, not only shouldn’t but needn’t be blown out of proportion. 

A simple comment, a word, or small mistake is not cause for the weight of JUSTICE to be brought to bear on the individual who misspoke or did something slightly wrong.

Most of the time, folks will correct their behavior on their own with a simple, “Hey, X, Y, or Z isn’t right.”

Millennials- Get off your asses!

Open letter to the bratty, spoiled, self entitled, narcissistic, Whah Whah millennials

Grow UP!


Yes, we all see that you have a cell phone; who the hell doesn’t these days?

Yes, we see that you have friends (although obviously, they’re not friend enough to tell you that your wardrobe needs a serious overhaul) Spandex IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT, you fat slovenly cow!

But these things don’t mean that you need to be standing outside any apartment much less MY apartment using your cell phone as a speaker phone and shouting into the poor device at 11:30 at night. I have absolutely zero desire to know that your friend’s boyfriend’s cock is too thin to properly fill your friends cavernous (obviously overused) rancid pussy. Equally, I don’t care at all that your friend doesn’t like to give her boyfriend head or that his cock’s one redeeming quality is that it is thin enough or curves in such a way that anal sex is easy and dare I say even somewhat enjoyable.

Vlcsnap 00001

I also don’t appreciate being called a “Perv” when I ask you to move along with your filthy conversation or at least have the decency to take the conversation off speaker phone so that I might get some damn sleep.

Believe me, you and your little skanky friend were far more perverse in broadcasting that conversation across the parking lot.

I realize that you might be hearing impaired from too many hours of looped synthetic rhythm tracks blaring into your head at -900db. It’s also possible that the subsonics may have damaged what little brain you might have been born with, however I think you should know;

I also don’t give a fuck!

Image 7

Too many millennials have demonstrated that they were quite possibly loads their mommas should have swallowed. Looking at you, makes me believe that abortions… even retroactive abortions should be legal and perhaps even rewarded!

Believe me when I tell you princess, your escapades or what pass for thoughts mean absolutely nothing to me, and I don’t care to hear about them.

What I do care about is getting some sleep so that I can go to work, pay taxes, and look forward to the new and interesting ways that you and your addled ilk will find to piss away the government handouts you believe you’re entitled to.

Of course you’ll be screeching about how oppressed you are and how unfair life is the whole time you’re standing in line to pony up $900 for the latest iPhone instead of paying back your college loans.

Here’s an Idea…

Shut up and get to work!

The rest of us really know what oppression looks like, and how it feels. We know that the tax code is unfair, and that huge multinational corporations are at least, posting obscene profits built on our backs, and at worst corrupt and in collusion with the governments of the world to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Tell us something new sunshine! That riff is as old as the industrial age, possibly older!

You want to save the world? DON’T BREED!

We’ve known for 5000 years that if you breed bad stock with bad stock all you get is worse stock. Humans are no different. Breed shitheads with morons and you get shity morons good for nothing except leeching off of society and whining about how unfair it is that not every special snowflake is all that fucking special.


Get the hell over yourselves and contribute something!

We could start with your kidneys and work our work up provided you’re not too genetically inferior for even that purpose.

I suppose I dealt with one too many people today that wanted me to fix their self induced problem because the machines I’m supporting can’t think for them.

Believe me when I tell you, the day that machines can think for themselves, 99% of humanity is going to get plowed under. The remaining 1% will be in zoos, working in mines as slave labor, or on special game preserves where the machines can hunt our sorry asses for the thrill of choking the life out of a worthless human.

Learn something

Learn to drive, or to park, or to just learn to get the hell out of other people’s way. Stop buyng into the “I’m sooooo oppressed, or I’m soo responsible for oppression” bullshit. Ask yourselves this

Did you ever own slaves?

Did you personally massacre the Native Americans?

Did you swarm another country, suck it dry like a fucking parasite and then leave to find greener pastures?

If the answer to these questions is NO, then stop fucking complaining, clean up after yourselves and get with the program. Tweeting or Facebooking about problems isn’t solving problems.

You’re just buying into and propagating the mindset that keeps all of us shackled.

Get off your mom’s couch, put the fucking game console down, work your asses off and solve problems, in the real world.

Oh and before we elders sign off, STOP SLAMMING FUCKING DOORS!

There is no need for the rest of us to know when you come and go from anywhere. If you live in an apartment or condo, perhaps you should think about the fact that shaking the whole building every time you leave serves no purpose except to cause the rest of us to breath a sigh of relief that your gone and hope that you don’t come back.

A little common courtesy and respect for the other people around you might actually go a long fucking way toward the rest of us beginning to respect your lazy skanky asses. Not to mention actually listening to your opinions. Who knows? It might even bring a little peace to our societies.

Oh and just so we’re clear…

This is directed at ALL millennials, We don’t fucking give a shit what color you are.

Shoulder your burden, and get to fucking work!

The world revolves around it’s axis and the sun not you gigantic asshats!


The rest of us!

Ya know, If this keeps up we aren’t going to have any police

After all why in hell would anyone want to become a police officer nowadays?


When I was younger, I was taught that the police station, or being with a police officer was a “Safe Space”

The police I knew were, in general kind and helpful. They were good guys who wanted nothing more than to BE good guys, protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves.

Crime existed, as it always has, but the police were trusted. They came to my schools, they handled crossing duty on the busy streets and they’d wisk you to the hospital if you had a bad bicycle accident.

They’d stay with you until your mom or dad got to the hospital and miraculously by the time you got back home with your parents, your bicycle would be waiting for you, damaged but there in your driveway.


They were respected and trusted individuals and more often than not they were our neighbors, we went to church with them. Their children were friends, and sometime cohorts in typical childish mischief.

In less than 45 years suddenly they’re targets and treated with suspicion or even outright hatred.


I’m sure that those officers who can retire are beating a path to the HR departments to get the hell out. 

The police are people. There are good officers and bad officers, generally more good than bad. We pay them to keep us safe so we don’t have to live in fear of an element that has always been in every society. Bad guys go to jail. Bad guys get their comeuppance and since we have a country of laws, they enforce those laws. After all, we agreed to live under those laws didn’t we?

29906170001 5028942407001 VPC DALLAS SUSPECT PROFILE 00 00 00 18 Still001

Many of the basic laws we hold to be true, are found in the ten commandments. Yep, that pesky religious thing again.

Thou Shalt not Steal

Thou Shalt not Kill

Thou shalt not bear false witness

Just to name a few 

So if you’re shooting at an officer, or you’re throwing bottles and rocks at officers there are a couple of things you should remember.

These men and women are your neighbors, They’re also your employees, and all humans regardless of uniform, race, or beliefs have the inherent right and more importantly instinct for self preservation.

Strip away the uniforms and training and you have a human. Why is it so surprising that cops shoot or fight back? 

Why are we surprised that the police are perhaps angry? After all they’re being betrayed by the very people they’ve sworn to protect, sometimes at great cost.

There have been moronic activists calling for and end to police in their communities. Lets give that a whirl… I’d love to see Chicago after a month of zero police.


The same activists calling today, for and end to police would be lamenting the unbridled bloodshed and rampant crime.

I can just imagine the change in tune:

I can’t leave my house for fear of being robbed, raped, pillaged, or having my house burnt to the ground by someone that had a grudge against me. I DEMAND Protection…


Then the national guard would roll in, who wouldn’t come from the area.

They’d be from all over the country and would have zero interest in supporting the community. Instead they’d be there to restore order, by force.

Chicago would be a wasteland. Picture Berlin after the blitz! But in that wasteland there would be peace.

I’d bet that if you asked any officer who’d been fired on in Dallas, if they saw the color of the shooter’s skin, they’d say, “No, all I saw was the muzzle flash from the rifle.I dove for cover and targeted the flash.”

If black lives matter cartoon

If we impose rules on the police that say,

You can’t shoot a black person even if they’re armed and shooting at, or threatening you,” then we’re going to have a lot of dead or wounded police, or just a lot fewer police. 

Oh and a little side effect is going to be that the police that remain will become hard & cold, no longer giving a shit about the community or much of anything else except survival.

That pretty much translates into a lot of shoot-outs at the OK Corral.

So to all you moronic activists out there…

Deal with your communities problems, check your anger as you have so often told everyone, “check your privilege,” engage with your police force and help them put a stop to the crime, welcome these dedicated men and women into your neighborhoods, greet them at church, and …


Just my 2 cents.

It Begins

Once again I find myself at odds with a woman in power. She’s not even in a position of anything but minimal authority. But like so many women she apparently thinks she’s got something to prove.  Unfortunately, an older white guy presents her with an easy target. 

The older white guy in this case is me. Either I must look weak, or she figures with all the recent events, “the old guy won’t fight back because he’s white, male, and knows I’ll win.”

Here’s the crux of the issue. The rules at work say, “Document everything.” The time it takes to do this, in part due to some of the shittiest software I’ve ever seen, the complexities of proper reporting, and my admitted unfamiliarity with said software, plus a steep learning curve means that sometimes I may take 15 minutes or so collecting information or filling out the documents in the right way.  Sometimes longer, If I have to ask questions.


That being said, I’m taking more calls every day, I’m documenting things better every day, and I’m getting better every day at doing all this.

I know I’m improving and I know this because Each day I’m more comfortable and not spending as much time figuring out the “usual” stuff.

The totally wacky stuff on the other hand takes a lot of time. Especially if you’ve got someone on the phone who is randomly talking about every thing they’ve ever had happen to them. It’s being recorded, and so you can be chastised for missing or not reporting things too.

Enter little miss twinkle twat…

Mean girls mean girls 23781900 714 474

Who walks up to my work area and never bothers to introduce herself or even say hello…

“Can I help you????” said with a sneer or nasty edge, is not what someone says when they’re honestly interested in helping.

We all know it. The implied message is “YOU’RE NOT WORKING FAST ENOUGH” or “GOD! WHY IS THIS FOOL BOTHERING ME?”

And that means, that no matter how fast, or good you ever become… You’ll never be good enough.

My response was neutral, “Nope thanks, I was just documenting all the issues a call raised.”

OOOPPPSSS! Not the right answer. This is the problem men always have with the question “Does this dress make my ass look fat?

IStock 000002999597cropped

In retrospect I probably should have said, “Yes, oh I’m so glad you’re here and thank you for your assistance I couldn’t have possibly done anything without your intervention.

But I’m kind of Harry Potter in that regard.

I shouldn’t tell lies.

Oppps, water under the bridge. 

The whole call / documentation process itself is somewhat problematic. Calls come in, problems are documented. If they’re not documented correctly, an oversight team sends the documentation back telling you what is wrong and to make corrections.

The problem is, this process is by necessity asynchronous. This means that by the time you’re being asked for corrections, days or weeks have gone by and now you have to research what was happening and try to recall why you did something the way you did.

Add to that, being saddled with a non-standard keyboard that you’re chasing all over the table and having to keep up answering phone calls and you’re always behind in everything and under stress.

My nature is to front load the process and do things ”Right” the first time. Apparently, that is not the philosophy of this “supervisor”

She’s also very new to the management scene. She’s not yet learned that whipping the slaves can be effective, but that whipping the slaves too hard, or often, inevitably leads to revolt.

Initially I assumed that all the new folks, (Like me) were under her scrutiny and being asked, “CAN I HELP YOU?”

As it turns out, apparently, I’m special.

Which ties back to my initial suspicion that she’s looking to make an example of someone and I’m the “Soft” target.

The first time, I wrote it all off to just her being concerned that I was taking too much time in the documentation process. Then IT relented and gave me a “Real” keyboard. Huzzah! I can freaking type again! So I’m accelerating and streamlining the way I do things and picking up helpful hints along the way.

The second time, I was surprised when I got the “CAN I HELP YOU?” because I was in fact working more efficiently and taking more calls. “Meh, whatever…”

She’d come over to my work area, from her work area on the far side of the building to ask her question. I was in the midst of documenting 12 issues from the last call, not including the actual corrective action.

The third time, she sent a higher level manager to check on me. OK Now, I’m pretty sure, we’ve got some kind of perceived issue… But no-one is being forthcoming about what that issue may be.

Yesterday, she was particularly nasty, while I was packing up to leave. I had one of those moments where you’re tired and I was checking around my desk area to make sure I wasn’t leaving something behind or undone and she happened to be speaking to one of her peers. I was standing there scanning my area and she interrupted her conversation to turn and look at me with what I can only describe as open hostility, “CAN I HELP YOU?”

“Uh, no… Just packing up to leave…” I answered very confused by her attitude.

When I was very young, I fought back, playing the same nasty political games, as my opponent. As I matured, I’ve tried ignoring situations like this, hoping they would go away. Later in my work life I tried more centrist positions between the two.

Where I played the political games, I won. Typically, I win, by using a scorched Earth policy. This is effective as hell but doesn’t win you many friends, and usually leaves you at the bottom of the list for promotion.

Where I tried to be “above it” I lost. In both cases I was completely miserable.

Trying more centrist positions, was just exhausting. Keeping track of all the bullshit and mounting moderate defenses takes a lot of time and thought. Time that I think is better spent doing the job I’m actually being paid to do. I know… What a fucking concept!

Memorial Day, had HR been in I’d have been in their office nipping this shit right in the bud.

Yesterday, I decided it was far more important for me to get the hell out of work and on my way home. I was tired and usually when I’m tired I tend to be a bit more direct than I would be otherwise. Folks sometimes have a problem with my “moderate” directness, I can guarantee there’d have been a major problem if I was completely unfiltered.

After being pissed off about the situation on Sunday and then pissed off again on Monday, I slept on it.

I’ve decided I’m going with a more centrist position. I think I’m going to talk to the higher level manager that she drew into this situation. I’m just going to bluntly ask what I’m doing wrong.

I’ll see if this situation is salvageable. If I get some guidance, I’ll implement what I’m told to do. If that helps, great, I suspect that it won’t, and am therefore going to begin looking for another place to be either within the company or, (more likely) outside the company.

However, I’ve also decided that if this crap continues…  I’m going to put the company’s “Zero Tolerance” policies to the test. 

If little miss annoying continues her passive aggressive harassment I’m going to file a complaint. Let’s see how Zero Tolerance works when the aggressor is a woman and the victim is a white male.

Should be interesting…

My instincts tell me that this will not end well, but I feel like I have no choice but to respond.

So twinkle twat, this old white boy ain’t gonna get fucked over AGAIN… Let’s fucking dance!

It’s Called Free Speech Dumbasses!


Which I should add is technically what you’re engaging in when you protest by marching, and holding up signs expressing your opinions.

This is part of what the First Amendment is about, and is one of the most cherished rights we have in America.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


However, once your start throwing punches, vandalizing property, tossing bricks, burning down buildings, or stealing cases of tampons because that’s all that was left to take from the CVS… Well you’re no longer engaging in free speech; now you’ve just become a bunch of thugs, and thieves.

They used to teach this stuff in school. It was called Civics.  I remember having Civics classes off and on throughout Elementary, Junior High, and High School.

Glencoe Civics Today Textbook

Of course, for the most part… I ATTENDED school and learned enough about the workings of our government to be able to operate in society. (Stuff like stop when the cops tell you to, don’t steal, vandalize, rape, or otherwise harm others, be polite and let others have their say, 

Apparently, that educational effort was lost on the crowds rioting in Chicago, or the idiot young adults on college campuses today.

I digress.

If Donald Trump wants to speak, he has every right to do so. Just like you. The same goes for Ben Shapiro, or Milo Yiannopoulos events on college campuses. 

If you get tossed out of an event where other people (equal in their rights to you, by the way,) have PAID or chosen to hear the speaker, then I see that as perfectly fine too.

If you’re going to disrupt an event that others are interested in attending, you special snowflake, are the aggressor, not the crowd. You had the option not to attend a rally, or speaking event, and you chose to attend and be disruptive. You also had the opportunity to leave if / when you found the topic of discussion offensive.


Here ends your lesson on Free Speech and the first Amendment.

Perhaps tomorrow we’ll move on to freedom of religion, and how Islam, must be equal to Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, or every other religion, or the choice by some people to not believe in a higher power.

I know it’s hard for some people to understand, but no religion or belief system is to be treated as superior to another here in America. I promise, I’ll use small words.