NSFW Remember when Google’s motto was “Don’t be evil?”


Got a notice from Google saying that my blog could no longer have sexually explicit or graphic nude images on it.

Well that’s not a big deal for me since I’ve not been using a blogger site for at least a few years. 

I was intrigued, because they go on to say;

We’ll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

What exactly does that mean?


How are they going to determine the artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts wherein explicit nude images are allowed?

Who set them up as the arbiters of good taste? 

One man’s obscene image is another mans art.  We’ve already been down this road with Robert Maplethorpe images. 


The view of a man bottoming for a greek god (or one who looks like a god) is by some measures beautiful to some people. I could make an argument that such an image is educational, or that such an image artistic or even scientific. 

Why do men participating in such behavior keep going back for more? Is this a function of low self esteem or do they keep doing it because it feels good?

Some societies (Islam) call images of nude women obscene. While others (Generally the rest of the world) call them artistic. The Venus di Milo comes to mind. 


I saw this coming a long time ago and that’s why gentle reader this blog is on a site that I own, and pay for.

Blogger had a habit of making some content simply disappear with no explanation and if the owner of the content didn’t have a backup well too bad!


I find myself wondering what the driving force for this is. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that Google has run afoul of global political correctness, and are caving in.

As I said it’s not a problem for me. While their records correctly state that my blogger site, years ago had nude material. All my data was removed from their site and the only thing left is a pointer directing my readers to this site.

It’s a real pity that their records don’t indicate that I haven’t logged into that site in over a year. It’s sad that they didn’t record my numerous attempts to get rid of the blogger site and the failure of their site to process my request.


As to Google being evil? They’re getting there with each passing day. Complicity in censorship is a big signpost to me, and depending on who they’re trying to appease… Well they might be branded traitors.

I won’t be surprised if soon we won’t be able to find a wide variety of artistic images with our Google search engines.

After all we wouldn’t want to offend anyone now would we?

Here’s a thought… 

Boycot Google for a day. 

Kill Them, Kill them ALL!

ISIS New Video To America Reuters

With the latest beheading atrocity committed by ISIS I feel absolutely confident in stealing the phrase from Spartacus.

Kill Them, Kill Them All!

Kill them to the last man, Kill any of their kind who even reach for a weapon. Destroy this cancerous infection utterly.

Human rights, fair play, truces, treaties, and parley be damned. No mercy, no rules, no kindness, and no prisoners!

These FUCKS! Claim they’re already here, and due to our lack of diligence they probably are. I can only imagine the blood bath that will start when these animals bomb places in America.

Isis marching AP

It’s entirely possible that we’ll see xenophobia the likes of which even Hitler was afraid to dream of. But I don’t think it will be camps or gas chambers. I think it will be open season, and the good and innocent will be swept away with the evil and corrupt.

Imagine Ferguson on steroids. Imagine pissed off people, a MOB going house to house hunting anyone that is different, but especially targeting Middle Eastern people.

If that’s what we as a people want, then let President Onumbnuts keep playing golf. How many vacations have the taxpayers paid for this year?

We must take the fight to ISIS. We must make an example of them, we must leave a trail of dead bodies all the way back to Syria and if necessary, beyond. Once and for all we MUST make the price for their kind of violence simply too terrible to contemplate except as a blood soaked memory.

Rockets over Israel Reuters

Based on the actions of ISIS or ISL or whatever they call themselves this week, Islam is not a religion of peace.  Islam is not a religion of light.  Islam is a path that leads only to the grave.

Before Islam, Baghdad and the fertile crescent were beacons of literature, science, poetry, philosophy, and mathematics. These people were artists, craftsmen and scholars.

For the past 1500 years they’ve done absolutely nothing to benefit humanity. They threw all their enlightenment away to follow a retrograde, barbaric, religious cult. Now these savages seek to drag the rest of the world back into the stone age with them.

I for one have no interest in sitting in my own filth, dimly remembering when we were a technological species. All the while hoping that I didn’t do anything to make the Imam angry enough to have me killed. God forbid, I should ask a question of the O so enlightened caliphate.

Isis foley 676x450

I do not wish to see my nieces and nephews have the hope, intelligence, and enlightenment drained from their faces. 

These barbarians have left us only one option. Annihilation 

If nukes aren’t an option, drop a million pissed off armed Americans in Iraq. Tell them, there’s no bag limit, and for every ISIS kill they’ll make 2000.00. Provide Booze, ammo, food, and water, with those odds, I don’t give ISIS two weeks.

Kill all the members of ISIS, feed their worthless carcasses to pigs then shoot and burn the pigs.

No Mercy, No Compassion, No half measures, and especially NO reporters. What’s done to ISIS in the desert, STAYS in the desert.

Yeah, beheadings tend to sour my mood!

Jihadists in general should realize that when the American people unite, focusing on the single goal of destroying Jihadis, there will not be a hole deep enough anywhere on the planet that they can hide. 

Really? President Stompy foot.


Saturday President Obama blamed poor intelligence estimates for our government’s lack of action on Iraq and ISIS.

After my brain rebooted, all I could think was, “are you fucking kidding me?


ISIS swept out of Syria like a plague it advanced to within something like 50 miles of Baghdad. The whole time ISIS was telling the US “Don’t you bomb us, we’re in control now.” Iraqi army units joined ISIS rather than be killed. ISIS commandeered all vehicles, weapons, and food in their path, including personnel who knew how to use some of the more advanced weapons.


This was being reported in the mainstream American media. If you went to international news sources, you got more of a flavor of the atrocities being committed by ISIS against anyone that stood against them regardless of religious affiliation.


If you went to the less main stream publications or web sites you could find things like, Crucifixions, Beheadings, Convert or Die edicts, and of course, orders for the genital mutilation of young girls.

So with all the power of the NSA, CIA, and DIA, our government wasn’t capable of properly estimating the threat or anticipating the spread of a cancer like ISIS? The President truly expects we the American people to swallow this load of horse shit he’s peddling?

Perhaps the intelligence community was too busy monitoring the daily lives of law abiding Americans, that might explain why the intelligence community missed the threat of ISIS. Although one presumes that there are still a few people in Washington who read.

For months journalists have been reporting on ISIS, you’d think someone in government might have asked some questions.

The American people once again appear to know more than our leaders in Washington. 

That, in my mind makes a very strong case for voting out virtually every single incumbent in November, and then doing exactly the same thing in 2016.

We as a country can no longer afford to have a government that is totally disconnected not only from those it governs, but also from world events.

I find myself wondering can we impeach them all?

I was going to include some more graphic photos that the Middle Eastern press sources have published.  I pulled the images, they’re too brutal. If you’re interested type ISIS into a Google search for images.  

On the one hand, I feel like the American people should see what these animals are doing. Maybe the horror would galvanize our people to action. On the other hand, it’s not my place to destroy your innocence. 

Verizon is raising the DSL rate


Verizon SUCKS!!!!

I Just got a notice, they’re bumping the rate up $5 a month.

Funny, I haven’t increased my utilization of the DSL by $5 a month, nor has their service improved in quality by $5 a month.

So why am I seeing a rate hike?

I’d be ok with it if I got better than 2.56 Mbps download and .71 Mbps upload but I don’t. And there’s no option for me to buy a faster connection.

For years, the people of this town have been fighting with Verizon to provide better service. In response, Verizon, for a time simply refused to install any new DSL connections. After the town fathers went to the PUC, explaining that Verizon’s actions were impairing new business and devaluing existing properties, Verizon grudgingly began installing new DSL service.


The local cable company has been claiming they were going to install the new cable hotness where you’d have cable, telephone, and internet.

We’ve stopped holding our breath for that. The local cable company can’t even provide HD much less any of the high speed data connections that would be necessary.

AT&T claims they have U-Verse until you call them. Then all the sudden they can’t seem to find your address.

ATT UVerse

Which leaves Verizon as the monopolistic provider of telephone & DSL service that disables 911 if someone in a town 15 miles away happens to cut a fiber optic line.

Yep, you read that right… a Fiber optic line gets cut in Phelan and my town suddenly has no phone service, no DSL, and no 911.

After the last time someone cut the fiber in Phelan, Verizon reactivated their local switching station and if we dial the old 7 digit local phone numbers instead of the full area code and number we can at least call the fire department.

PUC California

To force Verizon to reactivate their substation in town, required the town fathers to have a meeting where not only the PUC, but also a Congressman from the US house of Representatives were present demanding answers of the Verizon representatives.

Answers to basic questions like “Why don’t you have a backup plan?

How do you justify leaving a community of 3000 people (many of whom are elderly) with zero ability to call their local firehouse?”

Suddenly Verizon decided something needed to be done.

Funny that 3000 people calling and complaining with valid concerns is easily ignored but a PUC rep and Congressman asking the same questions is taken seriously.

Verizon truly sucks.

US House of Representatives

I’ll dig up the PUC address, write a letter and ask them why they granted a rate hike to Verizon.

I strongly suspect Verizon has said the rate hike is about the expense of maintaining “outdated” technology to the town. Verizon will have neglected to tell the PUC that this is the ONLY technology available to the town.

The other folks in the town will write similar letters, be ignored, and then we’ll demand a PUC hearing, and invite a Congressman.

Verizon will rescind the $5 charge with a mumbled “Ooops” as an apology. Then they’ll hike the rates by slamming some other “fees” at a later time.

The Congressman will enjoy his time here and do a little campaigning.

All will return to normal in my little town.

Until the next time…

Future weapon of choice – I give you… The Rock

Feb07 s

With our nuclear weapons aging, and the issues surrounding their use such as radiation, EMP and fallout for years I think we’ve reached the point where its time for our next advancement in weapon systems.

I propose the ROCK.

No… not your nambie pambie little rocks, I’m talking mile wide asteroids.

I’m absolutely sure that I’m not the only person to think of this. I may be one of the first to actually SAY it out loud.

2014HQ214 20140611 226

Rocks have several advantages.

They’re environmentally clean.

You can drop a 20 million ton rock on, say, Iraq or Afghanistan. Done right you get rid of an entire army and not have to worry about radiation, or fallout.

Once the ground cools, you might even be able to mine iron depending on the type of asteroid you used.

Since the single most important issue, ( according to Obama) we  face today is climate change, the dust would have a planet wide cooling effect. Wow, a three for one.

Don’t dismiss the idea too quickly…

NASA already is planning to capture and change asteroids orbits. Their purpose is to put the asteroids in stable lunar orbit so that they can be studied. 

It is pretty obvious that simple alterations in the capture technology could also drop a multi-ton rock on a specific earthly target. The best weapon platform would be something that accelerated the rock to a fraction of the speed of light.

The faster the rock, the smaller it could be, yet have the same destructive force. That’s Einstein E=mc2 Its a deceptively simple formula but it’s really freakin cool.


It’s not even necessary to accelerate a rock to crazy speeds, You’d just have to maneuver a big assed rock into position then at the right time shove it out of orbit towards Earth.

Don’t get me wrong it would take some serious tech and the computations would be outrageous, to hit a specific target but the NSA computers are more than up to the task.

We might miss the first or second try… OOOOPS Sorry… What’s in the line of fire? Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria? 

We’d have to be careful to miss Israel, and possibly Egypt. But Libya is a big open space. I guess we’d have to narrow the targeting accuracy down to a swath of 1500 miles before we actually tried it.

Don’t get me wrong, a miss would be a bad thing. I don’t think It wouldn’t be any worse than allowing the Islamofascist vermin to continue multiplying. Eventually we’d get the targeting right.

By that time, perhaps the Islamofascists would have come to the conclusion that putting their shit in order is preferable to extinction.

UnknownI’d rather see these fucked up countries cratered wastelands, than continue to wonder when these fuckers were going to bomb a train, mall, building, airport, or whatever.

All they seem to understand or respect is force… I say show ‘em force that they can’t conceive of.

We have the technology.

Granted it’s rudimentary and primitive but it could work. Maybe its time to prove that we could take the high ground and hold it.

Once we proved we could do it I’ll bet people would be more inclined to settle their differences with diplomacy.

Islam is a religion of Peace and justice?

I was willing to buy Islamic fundamentalists were giving Islam a bad name… Then I noticed that people purporting to be Islamic, are all over the planet doing the most horrific things.  

Even the worst of Christian Fundamentalists aren’t running around burning, kidnapping, killing, and engaging in the slave trade. Most of the time they’re running their mouths and nothing else.

When I see stuff like the snippets below, I have to rethink my position.


Boko Haram kidnaps schoolgirls to sell into slavery.

What can you say?

Islam says slavery is OK. I find it ironic that 300 – 400 years after the white man was being sold slaves on the Nigerian coast.

We have slaves being sold from a Nigerian Islamic to other Islamic countries as sex slaves.  Honestly, this makes my heard hurt. 

CAIR would say; “Islam is a peaceful religion. This is a group of fundamentalists. They don’t represent the mainstream of Islam.


For the record, I’m opposed to the US Military becoming involved in Nigeria.

My reasoning is this; our military would be encumbered by rules of engagement.They’d have journalists, and cinematographers and cameras of all types up their asses.  I’d suggest sending in Blackwater or another Mercenary group instead. 

No reporters, no photographers, no movie crews, and nobody is going to say anything about what’s done to boko haram.  The civilized world will look the other way. So any of those crazy mercs that need to get their freak on… This is the time and place to go let their killer instincts run wild.


Give them the simple requirement. “Get the children back.” Pay them handsomely and if they happen to run across assets of Boko Haram like gold, or bank accounts, well, nobody needs to know about it do they?

The West would be be doing the peaceful followers of Islam a favor by wiping this aberrant group off the planet.

Then everyone could get to know Islam as the peaceful and gentle religion it is. 

Crucifixions In Syria

There’s the village in Syria where the people still spoke Aramaic.


A village of christians who were terrorized by an Islamic para military group with the threat of crucifixion if they didn’t convert to Islam. Those who maintained their faith in Christ were in fact crucified.  

CAIR would say; “Silly rabbit, that old Convert or Die belief isn’t something Islam takes seriously anymore. This was obviously a group of deranged fundamentalists.

Rape Victim to be caned

The woman was GANG RAPED. The rapists thought she was having an affair. They Raped her to punish her and then when the justice system of her country found out she’d been raped, Allah’s infinite mercy was to cane her for being a victim.

CAIR would say; “The woman must have done something requiring the punishment of gang rape.”


Facebook insult to Muhammed, CITY on lockdown.

Yesterday, Bangladesh had trouble because someone insulted Muhammad on facebook. Apparently a muslim mob took to the streets pillaging and generally terrorizing everyone else.

CAIR would say; “ ?????”

We won’t even talk about what most islamic countries do to gay people!

At the risk of CAIR calling me names…

This isn’t aberrant groups within the fabric of the religion. The IS the fabric of the religion. As proof I submit to you that these atrocities are happening worldwide, on a daily basis. The only common element is that the people are followers of Islam.

These aren’t independent fundamentalist terror cells. These are average people with a threshold for violence that’s set so low if they can’t find an enemy to kill, they’ll apparently kill each other at random for the slightest reason.

This behavior begs the question for me, what exactly are these people hearing from the Imams in the Mosques?

The only answer that fits behavior is something like “everyone hates you, they would deny you your religion, everyone else is evil and would eat your children, they’re coming to get you, when they do these evil people will rape you, your wife, your children, and then they’ll burn your home to the ground.” Hell after hearing a message like that all my life I’d be pissed off and ready to kill too!

(Wait, I do hear a message similar to that in this country. Only here it’s being said about conservatives and the Republican party on every news cast and Presidential press conference!) Another commentary for another time.

It’s been said, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

I can no longer buy into the repeated lie that Islam is a peaceful, just, religion. It can’t be, at it’s foundations its a religion based on a “convert or die” philosophy.


Peaceful religions don’t explode into violence when their prophets are; Drawn, Insulted, or portrayed in a negative light.  

If this behavior were the norm,  Islam wouldn’t be a problem at all. The West would have already nuked the fuck out of Islamic countries for insults to Christ.

Its time for us in the West to stop attempting to delude ourselves. 

This is no religion of peace.

At best, this religion will leave it’s neighbors alone.

At worst, this is a religion that sanctions violence in all its many forms in the name of God.

The question for the West, is how to handle a ticking time bomb now embedded in every city of every nation?