Justice? Ferguson, I don’t that that word means what YOU think it means.

Ferguson Exm1

By now we’ve all heard that Ferguson is essentially in a panic, (or so the main stream media would have us believe) and that regardless of the Grand Jury’s decision there is going to be rioting, looting, demonstrations, and all sorts of mayhem. I strongly suspect that Wilson will be indicted, not because of the evidence but out of fear of the looters and damage that will be done to the community if the Grand Jury doesn’t indict him.

I feel sorry for officer Wilson, his life will never be the same, his life was forever altered the moment he encountered Michael Brown. When officer Wilson fired his weapon even, without the controversy Wilson himself was irrevocably changed. 

Ferguson Exm2

I’ve personally witnessed the grief, guilt, and depression that follows an officer involved shooting. What no-one sees is the officer’s torment and second guessing themselves. “Did I do the right thing? Was there an alternative? Why did I have to be on duty then?” If the suspect dies, there’s this; “My God, I just killed another human being.”

I’ve held a cop in my arms while he cried. I watched a kangaroo court of “Justice” destroy him and his wife.

Even after the inquest determined that the shooting was justified and in defense of he and his partner, his career was destroyed… sacrificed on the altar of Politically Correct bullshit, in the wake of the Rodney King riots.


My friend was never right again, his relationship with his wife was almost destroyed, certainly it was permanently altered. That’s what’s not covered by the media.

When he moved to a new city, he became a heavy equipment operator trying to pick up the pieces of his life I realized for the first time; Lady Justice is lying on the court house steps beaten, bloody, and raped

There is no law or justice, when the whims of public opinion rule the day. 

I may write more after we hear the decision.

I’m surprised that the Grand Jury didn’t indict officer Wilson


Free I’m free at last!

Today marks the first day of freedom from Express Scripts.


Can I get a hallelujah!

No longer will I be forced into using generic drugs if I don’t want to. It’s once again my choice to manage MY own prescription world.

I once again can go to the LOCAL pharmacy. Where I can ask a pharmacist questions and know that I’ll actually be talking to someone that knows what the fuck they’re talking about.

No more talking to a moron on a telephone who obviously couldn’t give a shit about what they’ve sent, where they sent it, or that what they sent isn’t the right shit in the first place.

The down side is that I’ll be paying through the nose but that’s better than having to fight the fucking insurance company every time I need something.

Even if I was paying for a prescription out of pocket… I ended up wasting time (mine and the pharmacy staff) because I’d call in a prescription and the insurance assholes would override my request.

Then I’d go to the pharmacy and have to have the pharmacist take back the generic shit that doesn’t work on my body to replace it with the shit I wanted in the first place and was willing to pay cash for.

Generic drugs, with a different chemical make up aren’t the same as the real deal. Generics may work in a similar fashion but maybe not as well, that’s often why the generic was superseded in the first place.

Remember having to take an antibiotic 6 times a day? Now it’s not unusual to have a prescription antibiotic that you only have to take once a day and the new drug doesn’t give you the shits either.

Let me see… I have to take a handful of pills 6 times a day and I’ll need to have a diaper or I can take one pill a day and go on with my life without scoping out where the nearest toilet is.

UHH let me have option fucking B!

Now I can choose generics if they make sense and they’re effective otherwise I can pay for non generic and know the shit will work.


I’m fully aware that I may not be so thrilled the first month I get the bill. But at least I have freedom of choice instead of being told cheerfully that since a generic version of the drug I’d been taking for years was now available I would be forced to accept the generic. Oh and you’ll have to have your doctor jump through hoops to get that prescription filled.

With Express Scripts in my rear view mirror perhaps at least one portion of my life will get a little simpler.

If your HR department happens to mention Express Scripts as an option during your next open enrollment… Tell them in no uncertain terms you refuse.

Believe me if a conference room full of people say something like “We’re quitting if you force us to deal with that prescription coverage company” your HR people will probably listen.

In my case, I asked questions but the majority of the folks in the room just wanted to get through the presentation. After 3 years dealing with Express Scripts those same folks welcomed being laid off. We’d all had similar stories of horrific dealings with Express Scripts.

The classic was the guy whose meds had to be kept cold. Express Scripts sent his stuff in an uninsulated paper envelope in February to Los Angeles. At the time it was in the 80s and the drugs were ruined.

When he called Express Scripts asking for a replacement and explaining what happened the Express Script people told him its Winter, “We don’t ship in insulated packaging in Winter.” After Express Scripts had screwed up 3 consecutive shipments they finally sent him to his local pharmacy.

Good riddance to a fucked up company with a shitty customer service philosophy. Hello to freedom…

Happy Thanksgiving from Service Employees International Union-USWW


On the busiest travel day of the year. This bunch of assholes is screwing up traffic in and around LAX.

Many of the people joining in the protest don’t even work at LAX or for the companies involved.

So in addition to arriving at the airport 2 hours early for your obligatory strip-search, anal cavity search with optional prostate exam & subsequent broadcast of your irradiated genitalia over the internet. 

NOW you also have to contend with an additional 1.5 hours in traffic just to get to the airport.

One of the passengers interviewed described this protest and it’s timing as “simply mean spirited”. I agree wholeheartedly!

I’m sure not interested in the unions point of view. 

If this is what they think is reasonable and appropriate then they’re delusional and deserve whatever ill befalls them.

Unions, all unions… your time is past!

Legalese!!!! Everywhere you look…

I understand that we live in a litigious world. 


I get that people and companies want to protect and preserve their rights.

But FUCK!!!!

Ever tried to wade through a Microsoft agreement? You have to BE a lawyer to understand what the Lawyers wrote.

Worse yet, are the Apple Agreements that are in your face all the time. If you use iTunes, have an iPod, use an iPad or god help you have an Apple Computer every time you bring up a piece of software it seems, you’re confronted with YET Another licensing agreement from Apple.

Enough already!

These agreements are so ubiquitous to have become irrelevant. I have no idea what I’ve agreed to anymore!

I used to diligently read them start to finish but they became longer, more complex, filled with more legalese and longer still. Now I don’t even try. Invariably I’m confronted with a document that is as long as War & Peace which might as well be written in Aramaic when I’m just trying to do something simple…


You know, something like sync my iPod before I head out for the day. More than once I’ve said screw it! just leaving the iPod sitting on the desk.

This morning was a classic example. I fired up iTunes to listen to some music, My iPad started syncing. I noticed that there were a bunch of application updates. Oh, I thought, I’ll start those downloads while I’m eating breakfast.

I come back to the computer 30 minutes later to discover that NOT One of the updates have downloaded. Why? Because Apple made some changes  to the terms of use, or the licensing  agreement or they changed the toilet paper in Cupertino or something!

What ever it was that they changed, required that I accept a document as cryptic as the writing on access hatch to the Alien ship that crashed in Roswell. This document is  longer than the recorded history of mankind. I’d be better off, and have several Phd’s to my credit if I read half as much.


The practical upshot is that I scrolled & scrolled & scrolled & scrolled to the bottom of this overly complex tome, found the little checkbox next to agree, clicked it and then the aptly named “submit” button.

I have no clue what I agreed to. Did I just give Apple my left testicle?

These agreements aren’t fair!

I, like most consumers just want my damn computer to work. I want my software to work.

I honestly don’t give a crap about the companies that are oh so intent on protecting themselves.

If they make good shit I’ll buy it, and use it. If they don’t… or their shit stops being good, or they update it and I don’t’ like the update I’ll find something else. In fact I’ve done exactly that.

We all know that Quicken Products have become something to be replaced as quickly as possible. It’s interesting that Quickbooks (Which BTW I paid $300 for 10 years ago, and then $149 for 7 years thereafter) is discounted on the Intuit site to $199. I know a lot of people that are searching for less expensive alternatives, and they’re finding them.

Those of us that helped the Omni Group build the popularity of their products aren’t updating their products anymore unless we absolutely have to. Mainly because the Omni Group is greedy, charging WAY TOO MUCH for upgrades. 

Several years ago I had enough, I no longer have any Omni Group programs on my computer.  I was a serious fan. At one point I owned the professional editions of all their core applications. Now, I use Powerpoint, or Adobe Illustrator instead.  

The cost of upgrades aside, I absolutely can’t stand being held hostage to an agreement from Apple so that I can update applications I purchased from 3rd parties. The agreement Apple threw in my face this morning was exactly that. Had I not agreed to it, I wouldn’t have been able to update the applications that I’d purchased.

And people talk about Google being “Evil“… 


Apple really needs to understand, they’re the ones that created the app store / update mechanism.

They probably shouldn’t remind all us Sheeple that we’re hostages. Otherwise we’re likely to see what alternatives are available.

Wha… I see an update server… Baah Baaaaahh.



Lets not forget the purpose of Flight Tests People!

Morpheus test lander

I’ve been noticing a lot of negative spin from the media about the Morpheus crash.

To the MORONS in the media

That’s WHY you have flight tests.  

You test the machine before you put cargo or people or anything of real value in it. It’s unfortunate that there was a problem during the flight. However you can be sure that the information gathered from the failure will be used to make the next craft better, more stable, and safer.

Unfortunately, the Media Idiots bitching about the cost of the program and the cost of the lost vehicle… WEREN’T on the craft or under it at the time of the crash.

You want to talk about wasted money???

Look at the presidential campaign, how about congress pissing away billions on social programs that don’t create anything except a sense of entitlement and a class of people for whom getting off public assistance isn’t an option. 

How about reporting that our politicians haven’t maintained the nations infrastructure, or that many politicians today seem to be far more interested in regulating what goes on in American bedrooms or how best to subvert the constitution than actually providing leadership?

7 Million dollars to research and build a device that flew and is designed to leave Earth to deliver supplies to the moon?

That’s nothing!

I’ve heard of  20 million dollar military projects that pissed away 20 million and NEVER produced a damn thing or saw the light of day.

At Least NASA made something tangible.

And one thing the Media has failed to mention at all…

This wasn’t the first test of the Morpheus. There had been a number of tethered tests that preceded this flight. So it’s not like NASA engineers just wheeled this craft out onto the tarmac and pushed a button flushing 500K down the tubes.

All the data that had previously been collected said that the craft was ready to fly. But as with any new device, glitches happen. The preliminary information suggests there was some kind of hardware failure.

I prefer that the machine fails now, rather than when it’s carrying a billion dollars worth of materials and equipment wouldn’t you?