Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Worked my normal day.

About halfway through the day, I started developing a slight cough, that rapidly turned into an annoying chest wracking cough. I’m apparently not alone, everyone in the office is coughing so something is going around.

Merry Christmas!

The incoming phone calls and emails, were of the wacko variety. I’m not talking about minimal crazy… I’m talking WACKO!

The thing is that Holidays bring out the loneliest folks in the society. These are people that need to talk to anyone! They’ll gin up any excuse to talk to anyone about anything. AND They Do!

8 Solid hours of CRAZY it very draining and toward the end of the day tests, My Patience!

Merry Christmas!

I can’t blame lonely people for wanting to talk, but they shouldn’t be calling medical companies with fictional issues. Medical companies have to document everything they’re told no matter how crazy or strange. Each issue has to be documented throughly and submitted to the FDA.

So after 15 or 20 fake issues you spew at tech support… We’re not amused! But Thank you SOOO Much for making us work late and keeping us from our families!

Merry Christmas!

However, once home, I made dinner for myself, and started Die Hard it’s a Christmas tradition for me.

Yippie Kai Yay!

Now I’m actually having a Merry Christmas! The cough is still getting worse and I’m running a slight fever. But I’m drinking a cup of green tea mixed with a bit of whiskey. It may not cure me… But I’m not sure that I much care.

Merry Christmas!