Gonna give this a try

Trying something new.

Going to try blogging from the Nebo application. This is a nifty handwriting recognition program that may allow me to write while I’m sitting at my desk listening to somebody yak, telling in their life story (all of which is irrelevant to the problem they’re having.) Anyway while listening for my opportunity to actually ask the questions that I need to ask.

I’m wondering if I can keep up with my writing while being bored out of my mind.

I dont know how this is going to work but it’s worth the effort. After all I want to get some use out of this fancy Apple Pencil.

I’m wondering if it would be practical to continue writing portions of my books using this method as well.

I suppose time will tell and of course practice with the application and the pencil. I wish the pencil tip had a bit more drag against the screen. that would lead to a more realistic Pencil / Paper experience.

Maybe a screen protector on the ipad with a bit more texture, would help.

I’m also curious about the  iPad Power and lifespan if I’m writing all day on it.

Thus far it’s worked pretty well for this little short post.