New Operating Systems

In the last week or so, Apple has updated their IOS and the Mac OS.

Against my better judgement I updated all my devices. Surprisingly, everything worked exactly as expected.

Hey, I can’t ask for more than that.

Now I’m in the process of figuring out how things have changed and how to use all the new features. One thing that has surprised me (even before the OS upgrade) was how much I use my iPad. 

Since I got the iPad Pro I’ve found that I don’t fire up my MacBook Air as often. Don’t get me wrong, that little machine is fantastic, but I really only need it for stuff that requires a lot of computing horsepower.

The iPad handles most all of the day to day computing needs and since I’ve got the cellular version, I’m never wanting for communications. 

I’ve been writing, blogging, emailing, and spreadsheeting using the iPad, it’s handling the job search, and even handles some of my TV / movie watching.  Couple my iPad with a cloud based file sharing program and there’s pretty much nothing I can’t do.

The new OS seems to have made the iPad snappier and I’m using the multitasking and file handling just like I would if I were on my MacBook. 

I noticed that my MacBook burned through a battery charge pretty fast today, I got curious about where my power was going and found that there were a lot of background activities. Looked like they were all “One-off” processes. Stuff like indexing, virus scanning, and other file oriented things. I suspect that those processes will reduce over time since the file system has to be converted. I’m going to be watching battery life over the next few weeks to see if the CPU load drops.

Noticed kind of the same thing with the iPad and iPhone over the first day or two. So I’m thinking that it’s a file system conversion kind of thing.

In all, I’m happy thus far that I did the upgrades and look forward to learning more about the changes in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t upgraded, I’d say go for it. You might appreciate the change.