Another Workweek in the bag

And thank GOD!

The place I work is a dumpster fire.

We’re losing people, including a director that has barely been there a year. I can’t blame anyone for leaving, and the fact that people are jumping ship as fast as there are speaks well of the job market.

I’m sitting at a bar waiting on a buddy. We’re going to have beers and burgers and commiserate.

Our workplace is mind numbing. I honestly feel like working there has made me stupid. Perhaps I was stupid for accepting the position in the first place.

We both need to drink and eat, and then forget, if only for a short time what a waste of time the place is.

For fuck sake we’re both better than this, and we both know it. Depression, Stress, and feelings of abject hopelessness are the common elements of being there. Both of us are trying like hell to find something else.

If I could, I’d pimp us both out for sex work. At least then we’d know we’d done a good job and the job was finished.

Humm… Nah! His wife would never go for it!

My buddy said he’d take a job for the same money cleaning toilets. Essentially that’s what we’re doing anyway. He puts it this way, “Our job is to apologize, and give people free shit.”

Sadly, he’s absolutely correct.

I don’t know how much more I can take.

The last time I was this angry and pissed off with a job. It was a company that catered to the entertainment industry. That place was so bad, I threw up every single day, on the way to work.  Eventually, after throwing up on a poor cactus I just stopped going in. I seem to recall their HR finally getting interested and demanding that I make the drive down there to sign paperwork. They threatened to hold my paycheck until I went back in. I told them about this wonderful technology called a FAX machine.

Eventually, they sent me my check.

Then I took them to EDD for breach of contract and won.