Happy 4th of July


american flag in the wind

“Don’t do that with that firecracker, You’ll put your eye out!”

I miss firecrackers.

I liked that there was a bit of sanctioned “danger” and I liked knowing that the parents, and grandparents, and aunts & uncles were watching us blow things up, even if they appeared to not be. I knew as a child, in the back of my mind that they had my back and would intervene if us kids were about to do something really stupid.

As a child I loved this time of year. Long warm sunny days, swimming, camping, fishing, the smell of fresh cut grass, and complete freedom to explore my world, (within the neighborhood). School was still forever in the future (2 months).

Looking back I think it’s weird that my memory of that time in my life is still so bright and vibrant, but the pictures from that time are yellowed with age. At once, I’m that same child, and a wiser adult. Sometimes the juxtaposition is jarring. I guess that’s part & parcel of having the years adding up.

I miss the simplicity. I miss going as a family to the local school, or baseball field and watching the community fireworks show. We could see ours up close, but communities all across the city were putting on shows too and the night sky was lit with sparkling colors. You could lay on the grass long after your community show was over, and watch the surrounding communities shows.

Even up to 15 years ago, I could sit on my deck, and watch 4 local communities different fireworks shows. Those shows aren’t happening anymore. The fire danger is too high, but I get the impression that people now are happier sitting in their houses watching fireworks on their big screens; with clever narrative provided by a non threatening, friendly faced news moderator.

I’d like to go back to the other way.

Kids running around, sparklers sparkling, and fun glow in the dark toys. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fries and everything the Doctor says is bad for you. What’s one night gonna do? Live a little, splurge, have a good time and celebrate the independence of our nation.

Well that’s my suggestion anyway, and as soon as I get out of work… I’m going to go looking for trouble.

I hope your 4th is safe fun and that you indulge in independence.