Still little forward motion…

IMG 0774

The insurance company is still trying to determine if they’ll fix the car.

The police report is still not in the insurance company’s hands.

My car is at a 5 star rated repair facility, I saw it yesterday and it broke my heart again to see it. But I needed to get stuff out of the trunk.

The woman that ran the red is still claiming that I ran the light (The maid doth protest too much.

I expect at any moment to receive notification that I’m being sued I’m sure there’s going to be some ambulance chasing attorney who’ll tell her she’s going to get big bucks from the guy driving the nice car.

I’m not worried too much about that but it will be an annoyance. You know, just one more thing to rub salt in the wound.

I had a nice therapeutic massage on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning when I woke up, my BP was down by 10 points. It is amazing what muscle tension will do to your body.

I slept pretty soundly Wednesday and Thursday night. Still hurting sometimes but definitely feeling and moving better than I was the week after the accident.