Now I know

For years I used to wonder why the traffic and driving in Los Angeles was so bad.

I know the answer now.

It’s San Diego drivers visiting Los Angeles!

I’ve come to the conclusion that San Diego is actually a training ground for Pace Car drivers.

Yes You read that right. All Pace Car drivers must come from San Diego. This is the only place I’ve ever been where consistently drivers accelerate or decelerate to maintain a rolling road block.

At first I thought the people were playing games but it’s not gamesmanship, it’s the way these people normally drive!

I’ve actually sat in an honest to god traffic jam here, that was caused by nothing more than two 18-wheelers, one gardening truck, an RV and a couple idiots in cars.

10 miles of open road ahead, and bumper to freaking bumper traffic stuck behind them. And YET, not one of these morons would accelerate change lanes and let other people by.

This place appears to be the training ground for NASCAR pace drivers.  This wouldn’t be that big an issue except that there isn’t a need for this many pace-cars.

But then there’s the demolition driver wannabes. These are the folks that exit a freeway, make a right and cross 4 lanes of traffic to sit in the center lane instead of continuing their insane driving where at least they’d get the hell out of the way. But noooo, these folks after all the craziness are driving at 25 miles pers hour when the rest of traffic is doing 55.

This also explains why most cars in San Diego have dents and dings.

I think a great business investment in this area would be a body shop. But given all the regulations on paint, and prepping materials for doing bodywork, you’d probably go broke paying off the inspectors.