New Feet

DSC 0442I didn’t really need to spend the money. Well… I DID, but I’d have preferred to wait a while longer.  

The tires on the car were feeling mushy in the curves and I don’t even want to talk about the squirrelly way the car performed on the wet San Diego freeways.

I’d been putting it off and when I pulled into the driveway Tuesday afternoon I could easily see that the rear tired were getting scalloped in the inside edges. Okay… its time! 

Having an accident would be way more expensive than simply fixing the problem.

So here I am, having found my trusted tire guys after their move and they got tires for me with one day notice.

It’s nice to do business with folks that you know… What was really funny is that when I gave them the license plate, they remembered the car much more than they remembered me. Funny how that works with car guys…

So once I have my new tires… I’m heading to SD early. I’m already about halfway there from home. rather than mess with the drive back to the mountain and then dealing with traffic on the way back to SD, this just makes better sense.

I’ll be at work tomorrow and should get a decent nights sleep so that I’m ready for the “joys” that will befall me in the coming week.

I hope your upcoming weekend is a good one.

The new feet feel great! The ride is smoother and the clutch even feels better. I’m wondering if the funkiness in the clutch was because of the tires not gripping very well. In anycase it was money I’d rather not have spent just yet, but based on the improvement and the fact that my car feels like it’s riding on rails again… I guess I’m glad I did it.

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