Back online!

Just in time too!

DSC 0755

I’d blown through my mobile data on my phone’s hotspot.

Everything was installed today. Nice to be able to watch Archer and The Simpsons on Netflix using the TV instead of my phone.

Smaller network here than at home but it fits my immediate needs.

First week of training is done.

Resting up for the second week and planning to get to bed early. Just waiting for it to cool down a bit more. I want to hold off turning on the A/C but if it’s as hot tomorrow as it was today, I might break down and fire it up. It’s 84° F here in the living room. That’s with me having the windows open since about 1:00 pm today.

I’m hoping this week to relax just a little bit. Last week I was all about getting things done in the new digs. I’m not finished yet but at least shopping online will be easier.

I’ve also been able to update applications on my computer and phone without worrying about blowing through datacaps.

Perhaps this week I’ll get a bit more familiar with the local area. That will help things feel more like home.

It’s going to take a while before I figure out stuff beyond the drive between here and work.  I think it’s going to take even longer before I’m able to resolve the “here” home and the “there” home.

It’s nice having WiFi calling, auto updates,  and FaceTime working again. But it is very noisy at the “here” home in the city by comparison to the “there” home. 

Meh, Why must there always be trade-offs?