Well done Microsoft

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As you may have gathered, I’m not a super big fan of Windows. I dealt with XP and over time it became familiar and therefore somewhat comfortable.

I moved to Windows 7 Professional and admit that I liked it after a while but the transition was less than easy.

I skipped the Windows 8 debacle, and the 8.1 fixes.

Apparently Microsoft skipped Windows 9.

I dubiously approached Windows 10.  But because I’ve got images of my Windows 7 workhorse, I figured that I could afford to play. And I have…

I’ve also learned a couple of things that may or may not be useful in the future.

1) Have a FAST connection.

2) Make sure you have a LOT of free disk space.

3) Don’t let your computer sleep.

4) Be Patient!

My installation was a bit more difficult than it needed to be. I figured Windows 10 would tell me prior to beginning the download and installation, that I would need additional space. It doesn’t.  So what happened was I downloaded the files then windows said it didn’t have enough space. The installer gives you the option to connect a USB device BUT it expects that device to be ready to go. (In other words you can’t delete files to make space if the device doesn’t have enough free space)

That being said once you get things downloaded and the installer is running, you are pretty much home free,

Which leads me to this.

I like Windows 10!

I don’t like it $200 bucks worth if I was having to buy a copy, but I like it well enough that I wish I’d kept the bootcamp partition on my Mac.  Don’t get me wrong, I like what virtualization brings to the table but I’d like to run Windows 10 natively. I may re-install the bootcamp partition on my mac and then re-upgrade Windows 7

Even in virtualization, Windows 10 is smooth, and quick. Things are where I expect them to be and for the first time in a very long time, Windows is enjoyable to use.

The office integration is really quick. It’s obvious a lot of time and though was put into Win10 and that office applications were always supposed to be part of the picture.

So to Microsoft…

Great Job guys!



2 Replies to “Well done Microsoft”

    1. Since I don’t run it as my daily OS, and it’s containerized in VMWare Fusion (Thank you, for that recommendation so many years ago), and since I don’t have private stuff on it, the privacy issues are not that big a deal.

      I anticipate using it like I used Win 7. Example, For those applications that have no Mac counterpart. Or when I get back to school so that I can overcome compatibility issues (if any) with online courses and the like.

      I fully expect for there to be either 3rd party fixes or service packs from Microsoft themselves that addresses issues of privacy.

      I have always been impressed the Win 7 in VMWare was faster than Win 7 on most people’s PC. Win 10 has the same characteristic. Win 10 is visually nice, and buttery smooth when it’s running. This installation is mostly for me to keep current with the OS so it’s not a complete shock when I encounter it in the wild.

      Were it not for the privacy issues, I could see it as a viable competitor to the Mac OS.

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