Now I know why TV sales are good this time of year

I watched the State of the Union address last night.

There were several points where I thought I was having a stroke, or that I’d passed into some alternate dimension.

There were some amusing tweets during the speech.

Joint Chiefs

The Joint Chiefs of staff didn’t look happy at all! Of course they must have been concerned about the 10 sailors being held at that very moment in Iran.

Yeah, Iran, you know the country that we’ve brokered a deal to reduce sanctions with? The country that regularly paints our ships and aircraft with targeting systems as we maneuver in the Gulf? The country that has nuclear aspirations and has repeatedly stated its desire to not only destroy Israel but the United States as well?

You know, the helpful friendly nation of Iran, our friend…

I’ll tell you what, if I were Obama I’d make sure I wasn’t alone with these guys. I felt the heat through my TV when Obama said he’d made the military stronger.

Trey Gowdy

Then there was Trey Gowdy. I guess that 7 years is just too long to be able to hide your true feelings and I can’t help but think Gowdy is right up there with the Joint Chiefs.

“Is that a mixture of hatred and disgust sir, or did you eat some bad baklava?”

I can’t imagine how many televisions were shot last night. When Obama leaves office, several things are likely to happen. Gun Sales will fall, Television sales will fall, and cord cutting will level off.

It might be a good thing this is President Obama’s last year.

Below is a small sampling of the tweets that caught my attention.