There Be Snow in the hills

Enough snow in fact that my satellite TV and internet are down. Ahhh well.

How am I posting this?

Phone HotSpot! I love it when technology works as it’s supposed to. Although I would like to know why my computer refuses to disconnect from my phone when I command it to.

I suppose that’s better than the other way around.

I have no idea how long the satellite dishes will be covered. I know, I could go uncover them… I would except they’re on the roof and right now I can’t get to them.

On the plus side I kinda like being forced to be quiet. The TV isn’t telling me about traffic accidents or car chases and since I have to think about getting on the internet, I’m more mindful about what I do when I fire up the hotspot.

I don’t think I’d want to be this way all the time, but it’s nice to have a break.

I’m off to shovel snow! I’ve got someone waiting on me to throw snowballs.