I forgot to Blog today.

Suddenly I realized I’d blown it.

Then I remembered Bea Arthur in History of the World Part 1

“Did you try to bullshit last week?”

In my defense, I have been Mr. Creative regarding gifts and stuff this year. With my continuing unemployment frankly I don’t have the cash to be able to engage in the capitalistic orgy that this season is renown for.

So I purchased one gift for the other half, replacing something they lost. I’ve also fixed one of the two defective key fobs which will allow the car to be remotely opened and locked. The remote start appears to be offline but I can hear the car attempting to do something. So that says the fob is working, but the problem is in the car.

I may try to take a look at the car but I’m probably out of my depth before I’ve opened the hood. I have no idea what the car does when it remote starts I don’t know if there’s a separate starting circuit or if the computer in the car just hits the starter bypassing the key.

Since I’m hearing the car clicking… I’m figuring that the remote start system is probably as complicated as it could possibly be. I may open the hood, then stroke my chin thoughtfully for a few minutes, then poke around and pronounce, “it’s broke”. Hey, don’t judge me. Can you fix your car?

I’m enjoying the creativity adversity has brought this year. I wrapped the one store-bought gift in wrapping paper I created and printed on the printer. 8.5 x 11 turned out to be the exact size needed to wrap the gift, so I photoshopped a Grinch motif and got busy wrapping.

Our Christmas may be minimal, but it’s going to be nice.