Huh… OSX Update this morning

There was a large (2GB) update this morning to El Capitan, and Xcode.

My computer notified me of this right after Sophos Anti Virus (Which is a great AV program, by the way) told me that there was a trojan virus of some kind on my machine.


The trojan was in an email and had been sent to the Junk folder, in addition to Sophos quarantining it. I love it when software does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

For those of you who may be interested, the mail containing the virus looks like it’s a zipped invoice. The text is terse and looks for all the world like someone is sending you a copy of an invoice that you either need to pay or that you’ve already paid.

In other words it looks innocent and as busy as we are this time of year I could see any of us opening the thing, thinking it was something to do with a gift.

I have to admit, I have a grudging respect for whoever created this little bit of nastiness. It’s simple and innocuous. No logos, or florid attempts to fool anyone into believing anything. It’s simply, “Here is your invoice, thank you for your business.”

The Xcode update was also 2GB.

My computer was a busy little camper!

Apple says the OS X update is about security and stability improvements. I can say that it “feels” snappier.

My system is currently backing up 12GB of changes, apparently caused by the updates so obviously I’m not going anywhere for a little while.

Anticipating a big backup, I connected my computer via hardline to the network. Gigabit Ethernet should make this a little bit quicker than WiFi. Even so, the time estimate is about 2 hours.

Well off to work on Job applications. If just one application is on the Taleo site, two hours should be just about right. Then I’ll see what other trouble I can get into today.