This was published via Bing

All I can say is you have got to be fucking kidding me.

I worry about typos and poorly written sentences in this blog. It may not show, but I actually do worry about it.

I read and re-read what I’m writing in a genuine attempt to avoid assaulting you, the reader, with brain damaging prose.

Then I ran across this from a News aggregation site like Bing and thought “OK after this, I don’t need to be so worried about it any more.”

There was loads of speak about how Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL Pay has stumbled, if not utterly failed. Adoption rates are growing, still Pay has not quite ushered in the long run of physical wallets in that many thought it will. However let me make the case for a 2nd in that Apple Pay is not lifeless still, and even close, still slightly has just gotten an early begin to an extended mobile payments race in that is about to heat up. Check out the chart below, which shows the transaction value of proximity mobile payments over the subsequent few years of time of time. The Motley Fool Proximity mobile payments pertain to point-of-sale purchases where an individual makes use of their smartphone (or a pill, in the event in that they decide to rise above social norms) to buy an item. These differ from different mobile payments & mobile commerce where a user sits on the sofa & orders a Snuggie via smartphone or pill. The chart shows in that the proximity transactional value will double this yr, in comparison with last yr, after which triple in 2016. In accordance to eMarketer, the improve will come from a rise within the assortment of users tapping in to mobile payment systems and much more adoption from merchants. …
– via Las Vegas Nv Blog

For God’s sake!

This reads like something from an elementary school student. How the hell does something this badly written end up being nationally published?

Another question is how do I get paid to publish horrifically badly written articles?