Holy Shit!

You know, the San Bernardino shooting shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Honestly, I’m surprised it took ‘em this long to take advantage of the “Safe Space” that is Kalifornia.

San Bernardino came as a bit of a surprise though. I’d have expected LA, San Francisco, or San Diego to have been targets before San Bernardino.

San Bernardino is kind of off the usual radar, but then again maybe that’s the point.

Perhaps these animals thought that a target in San Bernardino would be less well defended. They miscalculated slightly.

While the building apparently had no armed guards and 14 people were murdered. That didn’t stop Law Enforcement from giving two of them fatal lead poisoning.

Everyone is tap dancing around the issue of this being terrorism. The FBI is right, we don’t know for sure that this is some kind of Jihadi shit.

I think we all suspect this is exactly what it looks like.

Crazy Jihadis following the “Religion of Peace”