UoM Follies

As the follies continue at the University of Missouri and now Yale, I think it’s safe to say a fair percentage of the country is scratching their heads in abject confusion.

I know I am… 

After all, just how much responsibility does a University have in creating safe spaces? In my naive thinking, I sort of assumed that the University was expected to be responsible only for what happened on University property. 

Silly Me!

Apparently,to the crop of social justice warriors on campuses today, they expect their playpens to extend outside the confines of the University Property.

give me muscle

To recap,

The Student Government President, a black gay man, got called a name by someone in a red pickup truck OFF CAMPUS!

Yeah, just let that sink in a moment.

Then when the protests started, Two trucks “Intimidated” protestors by driving by with confederate battle flags somehow attached. It’s not clear if we’re talking about actual flags here OR if we’re talking about some kind of decals on their rear windows, and the trucks happened to be on a legal street driving along minding their own business.

I’ve seen about 10 photos of 10 different model trucks accompanying this part of the story. Which leads me to believe that if it happened, yet again none of our special snowflakes took a picture. That in itself is unbelievable given that we’re talking about a narcissistic generation that routinely puts their most intimate moments on the internet for all to see.

Then there is the report of a poop swastika in a dorm bathroom. As was pointed out yesterday with 3600 cellphones on campus you’d expect at least ONE person to have taken a time/date/geotagged picture of the poop. Yet there is no photo, not one, providing any substantiation of the aforementioned swastika.

Hunger Striker

Then there’s the anti racist hunger strike being staged by a kid who’s been at college for 8 years and whose father made 7 million dollars last year. This kid apparently grew up in a house bigger than Warren Buffet’s home, which is in the same area.

More Recently

Reports of the KKK prowling the campus at night. Uhh WHAT? There probably aren’t enough Klansmen in the vicinity to stage a dinner much less a rally or good cross burning.  

Later reports confirmed that the supposed KKK presence was in fact the fevered hallucination of Guess who? The Student Government President who claims to have been called a name in the first place. 

Are we seeing a pattern here? Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

This whole mess is starting to sound more and more like the story of Rosewood.

Although the way the lies are told and then unravel it’s sounding like an episode of Lucy.  Luuuuccccyyyy, you got some ‘splain to do…

We now have seen

1 University President <— Resigned

1 University Chancellor <— Resigned

1 University Professor <— Resigned.


The resignation of the professor is particularly sad because this guy was simply trying to do his job… You know, TEACH!  Instead he’s bullied because he wasn’t going to cancel class or an exam due to rumor.

Even when the available information from the campus police said that there was no credible threat, this professor was expected to cancel class.  When he didn’t, he’s called a racist, threatened, bullied, and finally decided that he simply didn’t want to be affiliated with the University of Missouri anymore.  

I’m guessing here, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Social Justice Warrior crowd began making credible threats against this professor and his family.  White Privilege MY ASS!

Montag F451

Then I read today that the SJW crowd somehow felt that the University President hadn’t responded properly to Ferguson. I admit that one rebooted my brain. 

What is the proper response?

Should the University President BURN down the fucking school in solidarity, how about just the books? 

What exactly does the SJW crowd at the University of Missouri really want? What is actionable, what is realistic and do these SJW folks understand that there is no-one with a magic wand that can change the world, or people with a swish and flick?