Happy Halloween!


As is my habit, today and tonight will be all about SciFi and Fantasy.

I’m planning on beginning the night with Prometheus and then maybe something else from the Aliens collection. Then I’ll probably switch to Hocus Pocus or Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Maybe I’ll switch back to Avatar or one of the Clash of the Titans movies.

I was thinking about a Harry Potter marathon but that seemed a little too predictable. Although the last Harry Potter films would qualify as spooky and definitely worthy of All Hallows Eve.

Sadly, all my very best classic SciFi was lost a few years back and I haven’t replaced it. I do have Earth vs The Flying Saucers but I used to start Halloween with War of the Worlds and would always work in This Island Earth, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Forbidden Planet.

I do have a remastered copy of The Day the Earth Stood Still in all it’s Black and white glory. So that will no doubt be in the DVD at some point today.

I hope that you have as much fun as I’m planning on having and please remember to be safe.

Of course all of this will change if I hear of an interesting Halloween gathering happening somewhere.

I could really go for something that would make Caligula blush… But that’s another story entirely.

Happy Halloween to all and to all a very haunted night.

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