Black Lives Matter is a bunch of grandstanders.

Was watching the news and the Black Lives Matter crowd messing with the Mayor of LA.

It’s sad really, because they just don’t seem to understand their behavior is depriving the community at large from being able to bring other legitimate issues to the Mayor’s attention.

When you have a vocal group showing up and taking center stage the rest of the community is unlikely to show up at future meetings. After all why bother? Your crosswalk concern, or the sidewalks in your neighborhood that have become dangerous due to lack of maintenance will not be addressed because Black Lives Matter’s grandstanding will have the following effect.

The meeting will be terminated and no-one will be heard.

Black Lives Matter has been increasingly demonstrating that they’re disinterested in actually solving problems they’re far more interested in getting their faces on TV and looking like they’re important.

I respect Rev. Sauls of Holman United Methodist Church asking for an apology from the Black Lives Matter crowd. He deserves one, since the Black Lives Matter crowd was in his face and threatening him.

The Black Lives Matter crowd OWES all the other folks from the community an apology too. Because rather than allowing community issues to be discussed with The Mayor, they wasted everyone’s time.