Shocked, Shocked & Angry.

Church burning

Or so the congregation says.

Apparently, the general announcement of my other half’s termination on Sunday was met with shock, disappointment, anger, and threats of withholding pledges.

The question is, will the congregation actually do anything about it and if they do, will they fire the pastors and try to rehire the other half? 

I doubt it. 

The only way I’ll let the other half go back to work at that church, is if both pastors and a significant number of the personnel committee are gone. Otherwise the possibility would be far too great for retribution and exposure to more heartache.

I’ve heard of so many situations like this. Small churches seem to be the worst about this kind of behavior. But I’ve heard of similar politics and gamesmanship across the spectra of all churches.

We’ll see what happens next. 

Neither of us are holding our breath for any of this to go our way.