Whew, a week got by me.


Well, there isn’t much I wanted to comment on.

Hillary? NO! I mean where to start? Her lies? The media’s refusal to really cover the email scandal. Her campaign poll numbers tanking? The fact that so many people being polled say flat out they don’t trust her? The FBI investigation? At least she’s already got the orange pant suit.

Trump? OH HELL NO! He’s probably right about a lot of things, even if he’s not,  he’s serving a useful purpose. What purpose you ask? He’s saying the emperor has no clothes, Trump is proving that the American People are tired of Politically Correct speech. I defend that statement by pointing to Trumps poll numbers among the people he’s supposedly offended. BUT, and I can’t stress this enough, he’s not presidential material. Hell I’m more presidential than he is and I’m a broke redneck.

Glenn Beck’s flame out? I dimly know he’s a media person. In the past few days there’ve been some really strange things attributed to him, including one piece he penned on his blog which read a bit like the ravings of a lunatic. After reading that single piece, I’m glad that I’m unfamiliar with his body of work.

Sex? Maybe I’d be commenting if I’d been having it… Don’t ask!

Job Search? Wow! There’s a lot I could say, BUT it’s all bad news.  


I figure that we can all get our fill of BAD news just by flipping on the boob tube and tuning to the evening news on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX or reading any of a number of so called print media whether online or in actual hardcopy.

There’s no need to be redundant.

Speaking of print media, we need to do something about the overall degradation of writing skill. There’s no excuse for a journalist to use incorrect syntax, or publish an article with poor spelling.

I was scanning Google News the other day and saw that in addition to the usual offenders in this area, The Christian Science Monitor had a major typo in a headline.

I got curious about the content of the article, and was sad to discover that the article was as poorly written as the headline. I was shocked at this discovery, because The Monitor used to be one of the best at writing cogent articles with .001% typos.

Perhaps journalism is finally dead.


As I thought about it. I wondered if the next evolution will be completely emoji based communications.

We can order pizza with a single emoji, will our future communications look like this?


Which roughly translates as “While hurrying to guitar practice, I was arrested by the police, lost at my trial and am doing time.

I’m seriously screwed if we go that way. The extent of my emoji knowledge is the variety of smiley faces.

I hope you all have a �� day.