My intricate web of logic and reason…


…Just collapsed into a steaming pile of poo!

I was working on a piece for today that was supposed to be light and funny. As I linked to source material and thought more about my position the piece became decidedly un-funny and anything but light.

Who knew flags could engender such angst? Perhaps they should all be banned!

The more I struggled to save this poor silly blog post, the worse it got.

So I’m throwing in the towel and may revisit it at a later date.


There’s nothing worse than a blog post gone horribly wrong. It makes ya long for the simplicity of Frankenstein’s monster.

Or is that Frankunsteen?

I think Young Frankenstein is the movie of the evening.

Good weekend everyone.

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  1. You are too wound up. A little relaxation is in order. Why don’t you go out and start taking pictures again?

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