After a while the insanity gets to me


The Urban Dictionary defines Cisgender;

“an adjective for someone whose gender corresponds to their assigned sex.”  As in “I am perfectly comfortable identifying as the gender my parents put on my birth certificate. I am cisgender.”

Okay, I’m good with that until other definitions of the word pop up and appear to have different meanings.

So is this a term that simply exists to allow transgendered, or transexuals a word to insult, demean, or shame, all the rest of us? Why the hell should I even have to think about this?

I must have missed the memo stating that I was either supposed to become a really ugly woman, or I was supposed to live my life apologizing for being normal.

…Or white, Or male, or American, or from the South, or, or, or or…

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I’m confused as hell as to why we have to create special terms that mean the same things as terms that are already extant and well understood.

However, since we’re about creating new terms, I’ve decided to add mine to the melee.


The condition of being male in gender and thinking, happy and proud of being male, pleased that one’s genitalia consists of a cock and balls, a shameless man-spreader. Of, or defining a man independent of the gender chosen with which to share their dick.

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This burbled to the top of my brain because a friend sent me an article describing gay folks who are calling for a boycott of the new movie “Stonewall”.

What got me was this

“The petition argues that white cisgender gay man Danny (Jeremy Irvine) is presented as the hero while other transgender and ethnic minority cast members appear secondary, despite being a crucial part of Stonewall’s history.”

What the hell is a gisgender gay white man?

Okay, yes I know what it is. But do we need to apply such a specific label?

How about “Gay white guy” How about “Pissed off Gay Dude”

Does anyone except transgendered people give a flying fuck about the guys gender identity?

Here’s a thought, YOUR gender confusion or angst is not MY problem. Furthermore I don’t need to have your terminology forced down my throat.

I miss the “good old days,” you know, when folks who had sex with their own gender were queer and everyone else wasn’t. (It should be noted, I don’t miss the days when people who had sex with their own gender were in asylums being subjected to “treatments” that would have given Josef Mengele the ‘willies’.)

Nowdays, I feel like I need a computer just to keep the terms straight… Can I use that term like that, or is that use demonizing someone?