OMG! You don’t suppose…


I got a call from a young man this morning about a job opportunity in Dallas.

While I know there are a lot of folks that have problems with Texas, I’m not one of them. Every time I’ve been in Texas, I’ve found the people to be very nice and I’ve always been treated very well. So I’m up for moving to Dallas or pretty much any place in Texas. 

The young man is in Ohio and speaks with a very heavy Indian accent. Not unusual these days; we talked about my experience, and my expected salary range. All good.

Although, I must admit I wan’t able to get the guys name or his company name via the phone conversation.  That aside, it was when the young man sent me the job description that I found myself doing the Scooby Do “Whut Ro”.

There is only one company dealing in technology, in Dallas that matches the three letter company name… Wait for it, They’re another Indian headhunting firm! 

The Lion in Winter.

I’m reminded of a quote from The Lion in Winter. 

I wonder if that’s the way this works. One Indian Firm sells me to another Indian Firm to another and another and so on, each of them making money for selling a qualified lead but the “Lead” Me… gets nothing except spinning my wheels editing and revising resume after resume for nothing.

I’m beginning to think that’s the way of this particular encounter.

I just got a request from our young man to modify my resume to include something that IS listed in my skill set but which IS NOT part of my current unemployed life. He seems to think I should say that I’m using this particular bit of software which costs 5K a seat in my daily unemployed life.  I’ve already filled out his little checklist which DESCRIBES when and where I’ve used that particular bit of software last.


How can I take this seriously? This person has my resume in front of him, he found me through linkedin, he’s spoken with me and now has in front of him all the details and yet clearly he doesn’t have a clue.  So out of curiosity I go to his linkedin profile… WOW! The guy looks like a thug. Is this someone I want representing me?

Is this a scam, a spear phishing expedition, or simply some guy who’s fresh off the boat and has no idea what he’s doing? I think asking for my date of birth and SSN is not appropriate in an initial contact. It would be appropriate if a company was making an offer contingent on a background check but we’re not there yet, not even close.

Am I too suspicious? Perhaps.

But then again look at the Office of Personnel Management breach, or the Anthem, or Chase, or, or, or, or…