OK I’ve had enough!


Computer won’t connect to a web site. Looking for a job but the website is down. Okay… move on to the next job site. Nothing there. To the next site, no connection. sigh. Next site. Got connection but horrendously slow. I mean slower than old teletype. 

Connect to phone hotspot. 

Get email. Huh! That email came into phone over two hours ago only now showing up on computer. Weird!

Now I can get to the web site that was down, oh, and the super slow one too.

Disconnect from hotspot

Reconnect to home wifi

Now web sites work. WTF?

Go back to phone hotspot… Can’t connect. Connect but no internet. GRRRRR!


Reconnect to home wifi, websites wont load.

Connect HARDLINE Turn off wifi completely.

Websites won’t load.

Okay Now I want to understand what the hell is going on. Shit should consistently work OR NOT! Intermittently working isn’t going to cut it with me.

Hours pass. Time lost. I’m not looking for work, I’m not learning anything new, I’m not studying anything. I’m troubleshooting.


Other half comes in after talking to the damn satellite people AGAIN! 

“I need to disconnect their box from the router and connect it directly to my computer.”

“Okay I’ll take care of it”


A few minutes later,

“Their modem is connected directly to your computer.”


Tests running, more tests, leave disconnected for hours. More wasted time. Time lost. I’m not looking for work, I’m not learning anything new, I’m not studying anything. I’m trying to make the connection to the phone hotspot work. I’m troubleshooting.


Except now I can’t research hotspot problems using the home internet. Doing the research on the phone while trying to FIX the phone is a major pain in the ass.

More hours, more frustration. Now I’m pissed off that absolutely NO COMMUNICATIONS in my home are working right. Suddenly I can’t even make a phone call because my phone is saying ‘No Service”

Is that the cause of the original problem? Has the west coast internet service taken a dump? Is my phone broken, my computer, my hotspot, my home internet, my router…


Without the ability to have at least one fixed point of reference I’m spinning my wheels.

Then the freakin neighbor starts spray painting something on their rear deck. It’s a LARGE something and the fumes are blowing into the room I’m in. My sinuses immediately wad up, then start bleeding. Hey Thanks!!!!

At this point trying to learn anything new is pointless because I’m frustrated and angry.

This is how I lose entire days.