OH Yeah, But CNN isn’t biased in any way…

Fredricka Whitfield

I’ve been catching the buzz about this “Journalist” all weekend.

By now you’re heard about the Dallas standoff. Some idiot apparently rolled up to the PoPo’s (Police) headquarters and started shooting.

That was bad enough but then you have this moronic bitch on CNN named Fredricka Whitfield calling the shooter courageous… Yeah you read that right THE SHOOTER!

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff. So you believe these are the hallmarks of more than one person’s involvement?”

She’s apologized and no I’m not bothering to go searching for the full text of her apology because it doesn’t freaking matter.


John Nolte at Breitbart wrote a scathing article yesterday that I think is right on point.  In the article he calls out CNN on their campaign of dishonesty and “race-mongering” Going back to St. Travon of the Hoodie.

I find myself asking WHAT THE LIVING FUCK?

First of all when did we declare war on the police? Second of all when did the police declare war on anyone else?

If after a proper LEGAL investigation you find have bad cops, fire them! It’s that simple. In our current environment we’ve got cops that are literally afraid to enforce the law.

You know, the LAW that a disproportionate number of African Americans seem to think they CAN break with no repercussions.

It’s real simple If I have to obey a law… SO DO YOU!


If there is a disproportionate number of black people in jail then rather than saying that’s not fair… how about lets ask a simple question “Did this person break the law?” If the answer is YES then they’re right where they should be.

And by the way, as a supposedly “white privileged male” I’d expect no different treatment were I to break the law. Hell where I grew up they publish the pictures of the most wanted in the newspaper weekly.  Oddly, the most wanted is a pretty even mix of skin colors, even though it’s redneck central.

The Adult males in my life used to say, “Chain gangs take all comers, if you can walk, carry a shovel, or a trash bag they don’t give a shit what color you are.”

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been confused for quite some time by the claims that black folks are unfairly targeted.

Here are some examples that have confused me.

A car flys up behind me when I’m doing 80 and worrying about being pulled over. The car sits on my bumper for four heartbeats, before I can get out of this guy’s way he passes me on the right without signaling the lane change and accelerates away at 100. Two miles down the road he’s pulled over by the police. Sorry! That’s NOT TARGETING or profiling, that’s what happens when you do something so obvious that the police have no choice but to take action. You better hope you don’t have any outstanding warrants!

We watch the security video of a black man waving a gun in a convenience store, the gun goes off and the clerk is shot. Well Let’s see, Robbery, Compounded with a weapon, Bodily harm, and Murder charges if the clerk dies. Ummm as a “privileged white man” if it was me on the video, I know there is NO way I’m walking away from that.

The 18 to 20 year old black kid stepping in front of a line of people at a Taco Bell who then gets belligerent because someone IN the line says, “Hey, the back of the line is over there.”  That situation is bad enough, but when the kid throws a punch at the person calling him on his cutting in line, and that person happens to be an off duty cop… Well guess what? The Black kid is  going to jail for assault.


Oh and by the way… I’m the lily white fucker that was laughing my ass off at you kid. Really? You didn’t notice that the fanny pack the guy you threw a punch at, looked like it weighed a lot? You didn’t notice the opening in the side of the fanny pack or that the guy was resting his hand on the edge of the pack when you stormed up to him?  Sweet thing, you deserve to be the bitch of someone with a 10 inch long beercan of a dick.

The next time you’re on a highway especially in Southern California, watch the cars that are speeding, weaving, and running up behind an 18 wheel truck only to slam on their brakes. Take note and I’ll bet ya you’ll see a disproportional number of black faces.

The point is, the disproportional number of black folks in prison are there because they caught the attention of the police. And that’s not unfair, it’s because actions have consequences.

The consequences of Fredricka Whitfield’s statement should be that she is fired! But she won’t be, because she is the most privileged of all folks in our society. She’s a black female public figure…

I guess that’s why Rachael Dolezal played the race card the way she did.