For the too stupid to believe catergory


This one tickled me.

A guy in England found it was cheaper to change his name, and have a new passport issued than to have a name changed on a plane ticket.

Here’s the link

The short version is that the Father of the guy’s girlfriend purchased the ticket. He grabbed what he thought was the young guys name from the young man’s facebook page. The only problem is that the kids facebook page had the name “Adam West” as a joke.

SOOOOO the name on the plane ticket ended up as Adam West. Unfortunately, the young man’s name is actually Adam Armstrong.


You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal to change a name on a piece of paper, but apparently I costs 200 pounds to press a few keys on a keyboard. 

I’ve been pressing keys on a keyboard ALL WRONG!

Airlines the world over are apparently populated with absolute assholes. From NAZI-esq flight attendants to moronic Bureaucrats who delight in applying the “Rules” no matter how obviously the application of the rules is inappropriate.


I could understand charges IF you were trying to change the name on the ticket within a week of your trip.

But clearly if the  young man could legally change his name, and get a new passport prior to the trip there was enough time for the airline to change the name on the ticket, do a complete background check, issue a security clearance, and just let the kid get on the damn plane.

From my perspective this just adds to the reasons that airlines are fighting for profitability.