What does the NSA think of my web searches?


In writing this blog I find that I do some of the darnedest searches.

I look for racist materials, I’ve looked up the KKK repeatedly. I’ve searched for Al Qaida, ISIS, nuclear materials, and bomb making.

Hey I’m curious about stuff.

When I was a kid, there were actual books that had diagrams describing the basics of Little Boy and Fat Man. I had Golden Chemistry books that described how to change household chemicals into basic chemicals for experimentation.

I once had a copy of the anarchists cookbook.


I dare you to find ANY of that material today with a web search. I should warn you that if you do find this information, you’re probably going to end up on a terrorist watch list.

I was thinking about this in a Starbucks yesterday while I had a big police officer behind me doing paperwork. I know he could see my computer screen and I guess that’s why I was thinking about “The MAN” watching me.


Then I thought about all the deviant stuff I’d looked up, photos for this blog for example. You know that the internet is like a library… YOU CAN’T EVER just go in to look at only one book!

I mean looking for pictures of female sea lions leads you to “Whales blowing” which leads you to pictures of really fat chicks giving head to really skinny guys. You can all thank me for NOT posting that picture… Bitcoin payments accepted!

Anyway there is a part of me that loves the thought of some NSA analyst jumping up from my data feed screaming “MY EYES, MY EYES!”

I wonder what exactly they have put in my records!


I’ve turned all the safeties off on my browsers. As my dear mother found out when she casually typed “Best FF in Florida”

She meant french fries… what she got caused her to completely forget about french fries and possibly scarred her for life.

So the next time you go searching for something offbeat, just remember you’re leaving breadcrumbs and your web history isn’t only stored on your computer.

Happy Searching.