Ahhh the strange culture we live in…


I saw this headline 

Chris Pratt: ‘I am just dumb’

I thought oh for goodness sake NOW WHAT?

As I waited for the web page to load I was wondering who Mr. Pratt had offended. Women? GLBT? Victims of Hetrochromia? White people? Black people? Asian People? Latino people? Sufferers of debilitating Jock or Vaginal itch? Dinosaurs?


The list playing out in my head spiraled on and on because everyone these days is a victim.

Then the page opened, and I busted up laughing.

Pratt, who is staring in the new Jurassic World movie was “Pre-Apologizing” for what ever offense, slip of the tongue, offhand comment, or expression that might offend someone during the upcoming press junket promoting the movie.

I liked the guy in Guardians of the Galaxy. I never watched Parks & Recreation so I can’t comment.

This “getting in front of the problem,” and you know there will be a problem, is just funny as hell. 

It’s also is nice to know I’m not alone in thinking that we’re all way to damn sensitive.

Chris Pratt with Raptor babies

Chris Pratt found a clever, funny way to poke at “the elephant in the room.”

Heck I might actually go see Jurassic World in the theater…

Movie theater, Humm, Texting, people with too much cologne, talking, answering the phone and then having a conversation, bratty children, screaming babies, the sound track too loud, crowds…

On second thought, I’ll wait for the DVD.