Daesh (a.k.a. ISIS, IS, Morons, Assholes etc…)


Alright, these people really need to be ended. I think the entire world agrees but has been holding off opening the can of Whoop-Ass for a variety of reasons.

We can assume that Stompy Foot will remain on the golf course for the remainder of his term. We can assume as well that any “action” he takes will be nothing more than fulfilling the oral fantasies of Daesh and the Islamic Brotherhood.

So the odds are good it’s going to fall to the UN to start the ground war on ISIS.


Up to now, the UN taking any action has pretty much been a pipe dream, especially when you consider the makeup of the UN and that as an organization they’re largely puppets with God only knows whose hands up their backsides.


Notice I said up to now.

Daesh, in addition to killing Christians including women and children, and tossing accused homosexuals off tall buildings, (Ever notice they’re not tossing homosexual women off buildings? I wonder why that is, OH, yeah it because they can rape the gay out of the women! Right!) Daesh, adding to its long list of horrific “achievements” is now destroying archeological sites.

Yes folks! Daesh being the wonderfully moral and just representation of Islam is destroying their history.

I’ve made the point before that Islam and most of the Middle East is practiced / populated by what I’ve termed a retrograde society.

The destruction of ancient sites is yet another example of rejection of intellectual pursuit. These sites in general are from cultures that have been dead for thousands of years. The names of their monuments, idols, and gods have in many cases been lost to the howling winds of history.

These sites present no threat to the Peaceful, Kind, Gentle, Willing to Coexist, religion of Islam.


Hell the people that worshipped at altars within these archeological sites have been dead and dust for at least a millennium.

For all we know, Muhammad himself fucked these civilizations over and left their monuments standing.

Who is Daesh to contravene Muhammad’s will?

However, in what I can only describe as an epic fail, Deash is destroying some of the very few things that have stayed the collective hand of the West.

The historical sites! 

Why hasn’t the area previously been carpet bombed, nuked, doused with napalm, turned into an ordnance testing ground? 


Beyond our leader & by extension government having no balls, simply refusing to see the evil these savages represent…

The archeological world heritage sites had to be protected. 

What happens when those sites no longer exist?

Then there’s no longer any reason for the West to restrain themselves.


Even the UN would have cause to look away, while the the civilized world did what needs to be done.

Daesh must be destroyed.

They must be made an example.  They should be shown no mercy, no rules of engagement, no trials, no prisoners.

Anyone who has joined Daesh, or has attempted to join Daesh has forfeited their citizenship and must never be shown the slightest mercy or allowed back in any civilized country.


Anyone supporting Daesh by sending money, or materials should be stripped of their citizenship and deported to Daesh held areas in the Middle East.

Daesh and it’s supporters are the enemies of civilization. They have no interest in advancing humanity, they are a cult of death and destruction. 

I’m all for sterilizing the area with High Explosives of whatever type seems appropriate for the job.