You can always tell when…


I’ve been interrupted once too many times while trying to write a blog.

Usually I start out having a simple point, then I get interrupted four, five, ten times, and I meander all over hell and gone.

Its been happening a lot lately. The meandering, the interruptions, the loss of my thoughts.

Usually, I’ll trash the whole blog entry. 

There are two reasons for this;

1) I have no clue what the hell I was intending to say,

2) Whatever the hell I did in fact write sounds like a literal translation of Mein Kampf, an Obama speech, or Dianetics 


All of which read like gibberish and should probably never see the light of day.

Which explains why you’ve been spared, and “You’re Welcome!”

I have a problem with censoring myself. Sometimes I go too far and sometimes I write past the end of the story or point.

Problem is, there’s a lot of stuff rattling around in my head lately and I’m having a problem keeping up with writing it down. 

I need a computer that understands me and that I can just talk at.

I talk to my current computer all the time. It, like my other half ignores me. 


I suppose that’s why I write books and blogs. I think I have something to say and apparently my readers think so too, so the hell with my computer and other half!

I’ll keep writing. You guys keep reading and our relationship will be just peachy.

I’ll try to get back to writing a blog every day or every other day. 

After all, there’s a lot of weird stuff in my curdled brain.