Stop Apologizing!


The President and his administration are once again apologizing and creating excuses to explain why Islamic folks do the crap they do.

Yeah I’m not narrowing my focus to only those who are cutting off heads.

We know (regardless of many media apologist reports) that there are NO-GO zones in various parts of Europe. You don’t need formal paperwork and signs to understand you’re in danger when you walk into a neighborhood. American black people have been talking about this phenomenon for decades.

Having taken a wrong turn in Harlem and spending years working in South Central LA, I can assure you that white neighborhoods aren’t the ONLY neighborhoods where you can feel threatened because of your mere presence.

Recently, there was a gentleman in Paris who spent 10 hours walking through no go zones that the French government deny exist.


Read more about his day here. This is similar to other videos depicting the “War on Women”. I’m not saying this is definitive proof of NO-GO zones, but it’s as valid as 10 hours as a woman in Hjab in NY or 10 hours walking in NYC as a Woman.

So as far as followers of Islam… I paint them all with the same brush. My other half cringes and is not happy that I’m blind to the shades of gray between “Good Islam” and “Bad Islam”.


I see the shades of gray as so fractional that the differences are irrelevant. Just the same as a percentage of .0003 or .0007 contamination of Plutonium with Uranium in the warhead of an atomic bomb doesn’t matter all that much to the city or people that were just vaporized.

A scientist somewhere might be concerned that the weapon’s yield was off by a couple of kilotons but in the long run it doesn’t matter, the city is still ash.


Perhaps a better example would be that it doesn’t matter to the guy dying of Polonium exposure if he was injected with Polonium 209 or Polonium 210, he’s still a dead man.

That’s a better description, given the infiltration of so many cities in the West by Islamic populations that seek to impose their religion and sharia law in major metropolitan areas. According to our leaders apparently all the rest of us are supposed to accept it.


I refuse. I refuse to apologize for wanting to maintain my cultural integrity. None of the European people should have to apologize either, although their government officials seem to feel compelled to bow and accept growing Islamic influence.

Remember when England, steadfast in its defiance, stood against German military technology, even though their cities were being bombed to rubble? It’s hard to believe that England is that same country today. Especially when reports are coming out about Islamic control in English schools, or systematic rape of English schoolgirls in heavily Islamic areas. Rapes I might add, that were reported to local authorities but then covered up because the authorities didn’t feel that they had the necessary backing from the government to prosecute the crimes.


Even Germany has been contaminated to such an extent that a growing group of protesters against Islamization of their country are denounced as Xenophobes by the leaders of their government.

Merriam-Webster defines Xenophobe – “One unduly fearful of what is foreign and especially of people of foreign origin.”

These folks are protesting the loss of their cultural inheritance. It’s not xenophobic to point out that endless accommodation to Islam is eroding German culture.

Well, at least its not any more xenophobic or racist than pointing out shutting down parts of LA to celebrate cinco de mayo in America is seriously screwed up. Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence day. Ya don’t see government sponsored Fourth of July celebrations in Mexico City even though there are a ton of American citizens there. Another blog piece for another time…

Recently, I saw an article in one of the German news sites (which I can’t find now) that said some butchers were being forced to remove pork products completely from their shops if they wanted to have government contracts. NewImage Think about that one!   Germany is renown for its pork products but in order to appease Islam while maintaining lucrative government contracts the butchers can’t have pork in their shops at all.

This is the kind of thing the Pegida protesters are talking about, they’re not afraid of Islam, they just  don’t want to lose their heritage to Islam.

All the while, their leaders keep apologizing… Much like out leaders.

President Obama says, “we should address the grievances terrorists exploit”

I think we’ve tried that… for decades.

Come here for an education, here are billions in aid from the generous tax payers of America. What? Its not enough? Oh well here are trillions over the next 10 years. 


None of these things improved the conditions in these countries. The problem isn’t that simple. Educating folks from poor nations simply makes those folks want to stay here (in the West).

Does the President really think a 25 year old male educated in engineering is going to want to go back to a repressive country where goats are running in the muddy streets to build bridges or microwave relays?

What incentive would this newly minted engineer have to return home when he could stay in a country with running water, paved streets, and sexually unrepressed women? Is that smart guy going to want to go home where infant and child mortality is 40% and start a family where there is no hospital for 100 miles, or is he going to take a job in New York making 150K a year, buy a couple of BMWs, marry a slightly damaged woman, have a family, then retire to Florida?


Dumping money into these countries does nothing. A large percentage of the cash or goods have no accountability. We don’t know where it goes after we deliver it to the local government… Until… we notice that they’ve got a really big army thats well armed with brand new Chinese weapons.

Or the presidental palace suddenly triples in size and has solid gold toilets and servants to carry water in buckets to refill the tanks after each flush. We politely look the other way while the leader of those same “aided” countries pins another medal on themselves, and their people are starving and dying in the streets.

The so called “Grievances” our President wants us to address will only lead to more appeasement.


“Don’t draw pictures of Muhammed”

Ok, we wont.

“Don’t insult Islam”

Ok, we wont.

“Give us the ability to make nuclear materials”

Ok, here are more centrifuges

“Don’t interfere in our marriage rituals. 9 year old girls can be married. Your interference even when we are guests in YOUR country,  is a violation of our freedom of religion.”

OK, Just please don’t do any honor killings.

“Honor killing is a part of our religious law, you can’t stop us from practicing our religion. In fact if we’re living in your country, your right to freedom of religion has to be enforced. You say you embrace all religions and therefore must protect ours.”


Uh, OK, we guess you’re right.

“We want military aid to defeat the enemies of our fathers.”

Umm, Who exactly are they?

“You wouldn’t understand, just give us the weapons and training to use them.”

Umm, OK. Look, you’re not going to bomb Israel, are you?

“We promise… we’re only going to destroy the enemies of our fathers.”

Uh HEY! You did bomb Israel.

“We were aiming for the hated Infidel enemies occupying our ancestral lands… Was that Israel? Oh well.”


Look you need to stop killing people.

“We’re only killing those we are directed to klll by the Prophet. You know, women under 12 who do not have sex with their husbands, men who do have sex with each other, Christians, Jews, intellectuals, the educated, Old women who don’t get pregnant, anyone that questions our authority, and people that just look different from us.”

Doesn’t that mean that eventually you’re going to have only you?

“Yes, are you questioning our authority?”

Uh nope, not at all.

My fellow Citizens of the West we need to help followers of Islam to become a happy and productive people and then terrorism will end and the world will be at peace…


“Very good, my little puppet. Remind me to kill you before I rape your daughter. You shouldn’t have to see that.”

We’ve tried to address their grievances, and gotten exactly no improvement.

Historically, we know that NO amount of appeasement is ever enough. See the History of World War II for a quick primer.

Its well past time for us, in the West to go full on crusader on these vermin. Yes, I specifically chose those terms to be inflammatory.


I honestly don’t give a rancid demonic fart about followers of Islam blowing themselves up, radicals or otherwise, Hell I’d give ‘em the fucking vests and park their asses in the Rose Bowl then charge admission…

“Alright, Ladies & Gentlemen… the number to dial is area code 555, the prefix is 666 and one of you lucky folks is going to dial the magic four digit code that will get this party started. Now, without further adieu, START YOUR DIALING!”



“Who dialed 4321?  There she is, ladies & Gentlemen, What’s your name dear? Mrs. Sweet? How old are you Ma’am? 95! Wow, Isn’t that nice folks? Congratulations Mrs Sweet, thank you for coming out tonight. You’re our lucky executioner for the evening. Everyone give this lovely lady a round of applause…”

I no longer care about Islamic beliefs, rationale, or this backward death cult.


Practitioners of this religion have become poster children against religion in general.

They are an example of a retrograde culture and should be put to work in menial jobs shackled to their tools and forced to build a monument to their stupidity in stone.

Its well past time we in the West called Islam what it is, Insanity, Terrorism, Institutionalized Hatred & Xenophobia, or more politely. A religion whose time has come & gone like the worship of Ra, Quetzalcoatl, or Zeus.


Let’s stop trying to whitewash it and stop fucking apologizing for noticing the ills of this particular belief structure.  If indeed Islam is a religion of Peace, then it’s followers need to do a whole lot better job of reigning in their extremists.

Perhaps its time for the West to hear an apology from Islamic folks.