Was watching the end of a car jacking the other night…


I was watching this carjacker as he was driving his 2nd car trying to evade the cops.

As the chase came to its inevitable end, I found myself wanting blood!

I was screaming at the TV “KILL HIM, KILL HIM”. When he bailed out of the vehicle I was genuinely hoping someone would run him over. When he went down due to a gunshot, I was saying “LET HIM DIE!”

Img 7954

I really was hoping the dumb ‘load his daddy should have jacked down the toilet‘ would bleed out right there on the road.

I wanted him to be a shining example of stupidity and it’s immediate consequence.

Unfortunately, LA Fire was too efficient in getting paramedics to that asshole. 

I complement the LAPD and Paramedics of LA Fire. Those guys did a great job, the police in trying to be take this guy  alive (Although personally a bullet in his head would have been acceptable at ANY point), and LA Fire working to save this guy.

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There are times when I find myself wanting a Blackhawk helicopter to just cut a car jacker, or a high speed chase vehicle in half.

No warning, nothing spectacular just 5 or 10 seconds of .50 or .60 caliber fire. The vehicle turning into a burning shell with no survivors.

How many of those would it take before folks just stopped doing this stupid shit?

Probably not too many!

Then I realized that I was probably thinking like the ancient Romans during the gladiatorial games. After a nice lead up, you see the battle, (In this case the chase, the destruction during multiple accidents), then the finale.


BLOOD! Death, and a feeling that the killing was well deserved.

Especially in this situation.

The guy stole one car, then on live TV shoves a gun in a woman’s face and jacked her car. The news showed the accidents he’d been involved in prior to him jacking that lady’s car.

I joined right as he took the lady’s car and watched the rest of the insanity unfold. I lost count of how many cars he damaged. 

I was pissed, I wanted to see him die.  I was thinking, “Oh yeah, he deserves to be screaming in agony and die on that street.”

All I need is a toga, and wine.