I watched The Birdcage last night


It’d been a while and as always, I laughed through it. 

The Birdcage was released in 1996. Yep almost 20 years ago.

What caught my attention was the reference to Al Sharpton.

I can’t find the exact quote but it’s something like;

“The Reverend Al Sharpton said today that Senator Jackson’s last words ‘Your money’s on the nightstand chocolate,’ was racist…”

I just about choked!

Twenty Years ago Al Sharpton was already worthy of parody and today nothing has changed, he’s still race baiting. I guess the good really do die young and the evil fuckers continue to be a plague on us all.

And lest we forget, the overarching backdrop of the movie is politics.

If you haven’t seen The Birdcage in a while, grab a copy, make some popcorn, and have a nice movie night. 

Every single person in that cast was simply awesome.

Even though Robin is gone, his gift for making us laugh remains.


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