Blah Blah Blatty Blah, Blah Blah.


I couldn’t bring myself to watch the State of the Union address.

Honestly, I feel kinda bad about it. In a strange way I feel like I’ve somehow abdicated my responsibility to keep an eye on our government.

On the other hand, I was laying flat in my bed after having thrown my back out. (I’m completely unclear how I did it) I just couldn’t take the thought of getting spun up listening to Stompyfoot.

Even reading the after event articles from various news feeds this morning is to some extent disgusting. Split right down the middle, the left is praising The President, the right is essentially saying WTF?

I can’t watch an Obama speech without thinking of The Fifth Element and the character Ruby Rhod. Chris Tucker was fantastic at his parody of marginally talented performers and their entourage of sycophants.

No matter what Ruby said or did his entourage was always excited, in agreement, and willing to tell him whatever they thought he wanted to hear.

I can’t read or listen to the media about The President without seeing Ruby’s entourage in my mind’s eye. 

Some of the reports this morning suggest that The President turned on the media. Chris Matthews was apparently put off by the Presidents comments. I call it a classic case of a politician realizing that his old alliances are now meaningless, so why not start devouring them.

On the plus side we wont have to listen to many more of ‘ol Stompyfoot’s speeches.

I think the election cycle is fully underway and it’s going to be a seriously nasty one.