OHHHH Hollywood’s in trouble now!

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton is calling the Oscars on the red carpet for not falling all over themselves about Selma

Those racist bastards!

Surely the Oscar committee must have realized that a vote for films wouldn’t matter.

The ONLY correct answer these days is for black movies to sweep the Oscars.

I suppose Sharpton’s going to demand protests in the streets at his “emergency race meeting”.

Will Sharpton’s Oscar protestors be called #Hollywoodberacistnshit?


I find myself wondering when Sharpton is going to start talking about Jews in entertainment as the problem. Then which way will he go, McCarthy or Hitler?

Are you now, or have you ever identified as Jewish or white?” OR “Da fix be ta put whitey in camps n shit, where dey be outta our way.

Neither of which would be considered wrong because of a widely shared delusion that says people of color cannot be racist.

I have no doubt that Hollywood will twist themselves into Möbius strips trying to appease Sharpton and the other race baiters.

In an effort to help…

I recommend that we take all the Oscars from everyone for the past decade, then give them to ONLY black film-makers and actors. NO WHITES ALLOWED.<— Not racist because it’s only excluding white people.  If that doesn’t appease Sharpton, we can go back 50 years. It doesn’t matter, the awards are completely meaningless anyway.

The ultimate (dare I say, final) solution to Sharpton’s displeasure with Hollywood, is to have only black producers, actors, and movies. Perhaps President Obama can make that happen with an Executive Order. “It’s against the law for Whites to be in the entertainment industry,” or something similar? <— Not racist because again, it’s only excluding white people.

My snark is because I’m over the ginned up accusations of racism at every freaking turn. I’m sick of this delusion that ONLY black people can be victims. Its well past time for Sharpton to get out of the public eye, pay his taxes and SHUT UP!

I’d also be happy if we simply had no more idiotic award ceremonies… I’d probably dance a little jig.