OK This is officially the WORST it’s ever been…

IMG 0444

I’m talking about the flatland ANIMALS from the areas surrounding Wrightwood.

In many ways my neighborhood is a microcosm of this area of Southern California, since the ANIMALS are able to surround my neighbors and I thanks to the flood control project.

IMG 0469

Yes, THAT flood control project. 

See, in addition to the gaping wound the Flood Control district left in their wake, they also smoothed out access to the nice wide channel, and they created lovely access roads on both sides of the channel.

IMG 0468

What was once a rocky, small, not so nice place to play in the snow, is now a great place and accommodates 300 people or more screaming and yelling.

But wait, it gets better!

People can now access the ENTIRE wash all the way up to the forestry service property line. Which means people want to park on our street, in our driveways, and on all the other streets and driveways going all the way up behind the houses that abut the wash.

IMG 0460

My neighbor was right. Her fence is actually keeping the ANIMALS off her property although they’re constantly peering through the slats, and trying the latch on her gate.

There was a strange car that drove up to the end of the road (A Private Road) and then turned around. As he came back down I told him “This isn’t the snow play area, your need to go to the ski resort at the other end of town.”

IMG 0453

He said, “I’m just going to park here,” I said “You can’t” He said, “Watch me” At which point I reached for my phone.

It’s out of hand here now. 

Too many people, too much trash, too many low class people.

These photos show the damage done to the newly planted pines and Mt. Mahogany plants. 

The trampling of the snow is after only one day. We counted over 100 people at one point in the area shown in the picture to the right, I snapped this photo after a sweep by the police.

IMG 0471

All told we believe that there were about 300 people up & down the wash area.

Then there’s these people, They just decided that they’d play in our street and on the neighbors property. 

IMG 0478

On the plus side,  We spoke today with a very nice officer who told us that we pretty much have no rights.

I appreciated his honesty. We, as homeowners have no right to ask any of the crowds to leave unless they are on our property. The police can only ask them to leave if they’re parked blocking the streets or firelanes, or if the police actually witness something amiss happening.

Just before sunset, the cops had to come again. This time after a fight broke out, they gave the order to disperse and waited until everyone got the hell out of the area. 

I suppose having a throw down is a nice end to the day for everyone, if you’re some kind of lowlife trash. On positive was that the crowds weren’t here into the evening like they were yesterday.

Yeah all these people want to have a nice day with their family, but what about my right to have a quiet day in my own home

Don’t get us wrong, we get that people want to have a fun snow day. We get that traffic is bad, and we get that it’s a holiday weekend. 

However, should we have to hunker down in our homes when there are designated, maintained play areas a short distance away? Should we have to watch the area be littered, and people urinating or defecating? Should we be expected to clean up dirty diapers, and fast food wrappers? This is OUR neighborhood! These people wouldn’t tolerate it, if we behaved this way where THEY live.

This is not disneyland and these ANIMALS are not paying guests.

I moved here from the beach to avoid this kind of crap. I live in the end of town furthest from the ski lifts and snow play areas. I chose this area precisely because it was off the beaten trail and because of its quiet family atmosphere. When I moved up here there wasn’t anyplace that remotely looked like a place to play in the snow. 

And for 15 years we had no trouble. 

Now, thanks to the county not listening, thinking, or planning…

My next door neighbor bailed out today. They just couldn’t take the chaos, and swarms of people wandering around us on all sides.

You feel like you’re trapped in your home. You feel like you have no privacy, the traffic is a nightmare, the police are stretched to the breaking point, and we have observed a number of “questionable” people checking out the vacation homes. 

There is of course no relief in sight, until the thaw.