What do you mean it’s Christmas Eve? I still have Christmas cards left.

Bill The Cat (c) Berkeley Breathed

ACK! I’m still working on Christmas cards!

I know some of you are sitting comfortably, hot coco in hand thinking “I’m done.”

Others of you are preparing for the marathon insanity of Christmas Eve Shopping. More power to you!

Still others are revving up for an annual Christmas Eve dinner and you folks… Well God bless you. As we used to say in the south, “aren’t you just speeeccciiiaaal?”

My cork just popped about the cards. They’ll get out, when they get out and I’m not worrying about it anymore.

I make ‘em from the ground up. Actually, the cards have been ready to go for about 10 days. The problem is that I have to sign ‘em and stuff ‘em into envelopes and this year life has gotten in the way, I also think they shortened the year just to mess with me.

Bill The Cat (c) Berkeley Breathed Hopefully I get points for creation, and don’t lose too many points for the execution.

Next year I’m starting this process in July! I don’t want to hear about it when you get your Holiday cards in September!

In any case…

For those of you whose cards are going to be late. You’re all in my thoughts.

BTW I’d appreciate it if you all would quiet down, my head is a pretty small place and I can hear you just FINE!

My special plan for this evening, is to hunker down in my fluffy robe & slippers, make myself some popcorn and watch The Bishops Wife and Donovan’s Reef. Its a personal tradition for me. 

I wish you all a great holiday, Cards or not. Please remember throughout the holiday, be safe, and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Maybe I should start next years holiday cards Jan 2. That might mean I actually get them out by Dec 1.