The Michael Brown riots are the lynch pin for me.

Dr. King

After almost 50 years of indoctrination, after listening to / reading Dr. Martin Luther King’s awesome “I have a dream speech” in school dissecting it’s meanings and discussing how America could be better if we all believed in that dream and believing that education was the answer that would finally heal 150 year old wounds…

Today, I give up.

I still think Dr. King was right. His general premise that no one should live in fear because of the color of their skin, is correct. He envisioned a world where our differences were differences in character not color, like most dreams, his was a good and happy one.

Unfortunately, it was just a dream.


I proudly voted for Mr. Obama in 2008, not because of his color, but because I believed that he was the best candidate for the job. I wanted the Hope and Change he was describing. I thought it was time for our President to pay a bit more attention to matters at home. I hoped that candidate Obama would feed our homeless, improve our economy, and ultimately lead us forward capitalizing on our limitless potential.

As I have stated in this blog before, I did not vote for President Obama in the 2012 election cycle.

My Reason was simply that, in four short years I saw a country that was less united, and more racially charged than the 1960s. I indeed saw  change, I saw squabbling and infighting like children in our highest offices, and a President who spent more time obfuscating truth, covering up scandals, blaming others, and playing golf, than he did actually doing his job.

Ferguson Thugs

I don’t consider the Presidents job to be writing executive orders, I think his job is to mediate between the parties, so that the House and Senate get their jobs done.

The President demonstrated to me in those first four years that he was, as I feared, too young and inexperienced to bring opposing sides to the negotiation table. He was far too likely to choose sides when he should have been carefully neutral. That is why by 2012, I’d decided we needed someone with a bit more experience facilitating “spirited” discussions and negotiations.

President Obama as we know was re-elected.

During the subsequent two years issues of race have come to the forefront of our society. The lionization of St. Travon and subsequent media trial of George Zimmerman followed by selective reporting of the actual trial created a narrative that seems to say all white people in America are racist.

The media in the Travon Martin case went so far as to say that George Zimmerman was white regardless of the fact that he Identified as hispanic.


St. Travon was presented to us by a media, all too wiling to use him for ratings, as an innocent. The Angelic picture of St. Travon presented by the media, stands in stark contrast to the “selfies” St Travon posted of himself on social media.

The Rev Al Sharpton ginned up donations to his organization and causes by painting Zimmerman as a hateful racist who was hell bent on killing poor St. Travon. Donations, I might add, that he still hasn’t paid taxes on.

Even when the legal case fell apart, with the forensic evidence saying that Zimmerman was the victim and Dear St. Travon of the Hoodie was the aggressor; no one listened to the truth. It wasn’t the approved narrative, The media and black activists had given the people St. Travon of the Hoodie… Who was the jury, or the truth they saw, to take him away?

Ferguson Cop Line

In the intervening years, the word “Racist” has come to have the same impact as the word “N——-” used to have. When “Racist” is shouted at a White person it no longer describes a characteristic. The word is meant to be hurtful, and shut down any further discussion.

Calling a White person “Racist” calls into question that person’s worth to society, their upbringing, values, and discounts anything that person may have done in the past or currently to end racism. Essentially the person being called “Racist” is “unmade” and somehow considered “less than”.  They’re supposed to go to the back of the bus and shut the hell up.

No Whites Allowed

Does any of this sound familiar?

The further coloring of “Racist” with other descriptors “Hick, Redneck, Hillbilly,” serves to solidify “Racists” can only be white and are ignorant as well.

I’m not even going to talk about “White Privilege” I don’t think that term should be dignified with any discussion.

Now we’ve suffered through months of St. Michael Brown of the quickie mart. Two out of three autopsies don’t agree with witness accounts of what happened.

The grand jury came to the conclusion based on the forensic evidence, and eye witnesses recanting their testimony that officer Wilson acted well within the limits of his office, and decided not to indict.

This should have been the end of it…

But it wasn’t…

We have a more strident replay of St Travon. This time violence, and destruction has become the norm.

Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton recently made statements that frankly blew my mind. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, That black men couldn’t be responsible if congress didn’t give MORE money to black causes. I shit you not, here’s a link to the article.

So what does this say?

To me, it says that as a white minority in California, I’m probably screwed. Why? That’s simple, people don’t view white people as a minority even when they are.

As such, white people will not have access to the same services that persons of color will have. You’re not going to see the National Association for the Advancement of White People coming into existence, much less getting government funding.

In fact I suspect if someone was to try to create a White organization like that they’d be branded as NeoNazis and tracked by the FBI & Southern Poverty law center.

Additionally, if White people were to start rioting nationwide over the number of people that had been hurt by things like the Knock out game, old men and women being beaten, or state fairs being closed by black gangs, it wouldn’t be looked at as a social movement it would be looked at as a freaking RIOT!

Oh and lets not forget about the White Kid that was shot by the black cop even though the kid was naked, stoned out of his mind and thought he was on fire. Yeah! White lives matter! Damn cops killing our white boys all the time for no reason.


It sounds stupid when you frame it that way, why does any of this take on any more weight just because a cop is white and the person resisting arrest happens to be black?

I’m a firm believer that racism and the harm it causes does in fact cut both ways.

If the media reports that the police are looking for a man in connection with a burglary where an old woman was beaten, that’s great. But have you noticed that the media will say “Police are looking for a” white man or a hispanic man. But they’ll never say a black man, or African American?  How the hell is the public supposed to help the police find the suspect without a description?

Again, It cuts both ways.

I’ve come to the point that I’m not listening anymore to the narrative about non-white people being treated differently. I’m over it and I honestly don’t give a shit anymore.


Call me whatever name you want, so the hell what?

The race card has melted and is smoldering in a little pile on the ground. The next Michael Brown or the next Eric Garner is, in my opinion irrelevant. Yet another failure of our educational system and a victim not of mean racist police but of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Lou Farrakhan President Obama and others like them.

That blood will be on their hands.

As for me, I’m not interested in the false narratives or white guilt. I’m done. I tried, and I’m tired now.

50 years later and nothing has changed, so you’ll pardon me if I want to try finding a place where there are faces just like mine.

The nationwide Ferguson riots, have taught me one thing, the racists were right, we can’t live with each other, so why keep trying?

The race baiters should be reconsidering the method they choose to convey their message.