Here we are again.

The blank page mocks me.

I had been working on a piece about the Ferguson riots. I’ve decided that all of it has been said, I have nothing new to offer.


I’ve been following the metamorphosis of the protests with interest. It’s been fascinating to see the “Call for Justice for Michael Brown” change into a generic indictment of racism in America, to specific finger pointing saying that White People are the problem with this country.

I’m amused that the protesters fail to see the irony in their calls for an end to racism while simultaneously screaming “Down with Whitey”

In the past six days I’ve seen some of the most racist comments I’ve ever seen. Oddly, those comments were leveled at white people typically by nonwhite people.

The exchange to the right is the most benign of the bunch. I had to point out that if Nicole He were a white man, She’d already have been fired from her job at Kickstarter.

This is representative of the double standard. I wonder if we can start a meme called #minorityprivilege or would that be racist?

This page still mocks me…