Old Stompy Foot is at it again


I don’t admire the President’s policies or politics.

I do admire his single-mindedness of agendas. He managed to ram Obamacare down our throats apparently by capitalizing on weaknesses of the American people as Identified by Jonathan Gruber. 

Now, Ol Stompy is at it again. 

This time he’s intending to bypass Congress with an Amnesty plan which just a year ago he said wasn’t amnesty. We all know what this is and it’s got nothing to do with more voters, or helping the “Poor” immigrants. This is 100% about vindictiveness.

Obama ESB

The Democrats lost the midterm and got spanked pretty soundly. Stompy, is pissed off and he’s going to do everything in his power to punish the evil bastard conservative, American voters. Isn’t that what his whole administration has been built on?

Just look at the scandals

NSA — Spying on Americans (I’ll grant you that started after 9/11 but it shouldn’t have been continued.)

Weaponized IRS — Yeah Nixon was the first one to try that… As I recall that was part of what cost him the Presidency.

Isolation of certain members of the press for asking the wrong questions… Then subsequent investigation of those poor dumbasses by both the IRS and NSA. 

Now he’s talking about a flood of immigrants. Sure he’s going to say it’s just the folks who are already here.

But we all know that the flood gates will open and everyone will scramble to cross the border.  There will no doubt be a period of 30 to 60 days before the executive order takes effect, which will result in 1000s more unskilled people crossing the border. I mean how many gardeners, waiters, or fast food workers do we actually need?

(As an aside, when I wrote the line above, I thought, “jeezus man that’s a racist thing to say.” But I suppose if The President can refer to latinos as maids and fruit pickers I guess I’m not as far off as I thought I was. The irony is that when I was very, very, young in the South, we had orange groves and pecan groves full of migrant workers who happened to be black.)  

Of course The Presidents comment underscores for me just how out of touch he is with the average American. Maid? Really? I and most of the middle class wouldn’t know what to do with a maid if our lives depended on it. Hell, I can see myself cleaning up the house before the maid came in just so I wouldn’t be completely mortified. 

Maid? Yeah, right! Even when I was employed I had other things to spend my hard earned money on. Most of the time I was spending money just to make ends meet. I do my own yard work, make my own bed, cook my own food, and clean my own damn house, Mr President. I don’t come from the elitist background you apparently do.

Further, as I’ve asked before, what about the American kids of all stripes looking for that first job? Oh yeah, they don’t matter.

This seems to be all about reducing America to it’s knees, or creating a huge permanent Democratic voting block, or creating such racial polarization that the country tears itself apart. 

Does nationwide martial law suspend presidential elections?

Maybe this is just another stepping stone in Obama’s path to become a de-facto king.

Just one of those dark thoughts that flits through my mind sometimes.