I started Veterans day off in a dentist chair.

Yeah, no big deal… I had an old filling fall out, the new dentist is freaking AWESOME!

I lost the filling on Thursday, no pain just needed to have it repaired. I called Friday morning, explained it wasn’t painful, just annoying.

I was asked if I could wait until Tuesday. I said sure, no problem and was told if I felt pain to let them know and they’d see me sooner.

I was good, yesterday I popped in for my appointment,  got comfortable and after a small consulting period was good to go. I told the dentist that I probably wouldn’t need any drugs unless he had to go deep. He told me he didn’t think I’d need anything either. 

40 Minutes later I’m walking out the door new filling in place, all polished and natural looking. 

I couldn’t ask for any better treatment.

If you’re in the Inland Empire…

Dentist stickman

Don’t ask any questions, don’t bother looking for another dentist, just call Winning Smiles and put yourself in Dr. Finazzo’s awesome care. 

This is totally a no brainer folks. Great staff, great service, and no pain.

As many of you know, I’m a picky bastard about medical care. If I’m singing someone’s praises you can bet your ass, the Doctor is good.

No this is NOT a paid advertisement.  If there was payment involved, I’d be doing a lot more gushing!