By now you’ve heard…

Phyrewall 2014 Nov 06

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard that the Democratic Party has lost control of the Senate. They lost control of the House a while ago. Now it looks like the people have spoken again.

I for one am glad to see it. 

Personally I’d hoped that The President would take notice and realize that this was the voice of the American people. I’d hoped that he would take it as a sign that We the People aren’t behind his agendas and that he couldn’t bully us or Congress into compliance.

Then I listened to his press conference yesterday. 


Sad to say, The President still doesn’t see that deeply unpopular policies lead to loss of votes. Heck, all The President had to do was look at the Bush years. But apparently, he’s not one to pay much attention to history.

President Obama

The President will in all likelihood spend the remaining two years of his term as a lame duck. I doubt that he will be able to reconcile the rift that he helped to create between himself and the Republican party.

I do expect a flurry of activity on the part of the outgoing Congress designed to make the next Congress’s job much more difficult. I suspect that the Democrats will attempt to enact laws, change rules, and put various regulations in place to thwart any speedy changes when Congress resumes session in January.

Once those obstructions are cleared, I expect that we’ll see many new laws and modifications of old laws which will make the Republicans look like they’re very productive. The problem is, a lot of that “work” will probably be stuff the House voted on and sent to Harry Reid which then sat on his desk for who knows how long.

While the transition is going on, I expect The President to sign everything he can get his hot little hands on into law under executive privilege. 

I know, The President supposedly hasn’t used his executive privilege as much as his predecessor, but it’s not the NUMBER of times it’s the character of the use. Bush could have issued executive order that the White House toilet paper must be linen not paper. (That would be extravagant and wasteful but not criminal) The President has used executive privilege in ways that come very close to violating the Constitution.


So absolute numbers of Executive orders doesn’t really capture the tenor of the orders themselves, and is therefore an invalid measure.

I know, that will come as a surprise and disappointment to the talking heads in the Main Stream Media.

I’ve been enjoying the show the MSM has put on over this rout of the Democratic Party.

Watching Al Sharpton’s inarticulate grunting on MSNBC is worth having to throw my TV out after sullying it with MSNBC’s broadcast.

CNN was hysterically funny and their talking heads were stunned almost into silence as state after state reported Republican victories in Congressional seats and Gubernatorial races.

FrancesSalerno1 2014 Nov 06

I can understand the stunned silence, after all if you really believe that America is such a dark and terrible place it’s pretty much inconceivable that the party representing the right hand of Satan and all the ills besetting the country would be voted into office.

In some ways I almost feel sorry for the democrats.

They really, took a …. Well you know.