In the “Bet your butt on a machine,” category…

I have a friend who used to say, “Bet your ass on a machine and you’re going to get screwed.

This is ironic considering that later in his life he, by necessity had to do exactly that, literally! He’s still alive and kicking thankfully.

The reason I thought about my friend, his phrase, and the ATM machine that had just screwed me, is due to reports coming out of Illinois where voting machines have been reported (and recorded) switching votes from Republican to Democratic candidates.

The machines are sentient I tell ya, Next election cycle they’re going to demand full citizenship! Alright I’m taking off my tinfoil hat!

No I’m not that crazy, neither am I a believer that it’s a nefarious plot on the part of the Democrats to steal votes.

It’s a touch screen and while the units should be factory calibrated, it’s possible that a scratch protection screen has been added or replaced which has caused the factory calibration to be invalid.

This isn’t a plot to take over the world by the Democrats, I’d bet if the Republican candidate was the top listing that a vote for the Democratic candidate would be switched in the same fashion.  Of course it would be much bigger news then.

After all it would finally prove to the media and progressives, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Republicans sit at the right hand of Satan and are using their fell powers to take over the world…

It’s Skull & Bones, or the Illuminati I tell ya

Conservatives aren’t the only group who line their baseball caps with tin foil…

Here’s a link to the Breitbart Article and the Video.


I hope you al have a marvelous day and don’t forget to review your candidates, propositions, measures, and please make an informed choice at the polls next week. Just because the TV says something is good or bad doesn’t mean it’s so.

Read all the information you can about candidates and in the end, don’t vote for party, or perceived personal gain, vote your heart. Vote for  what you believe will be the best course of action for your country, state, county, and ultimately… Your neighbors.

Our Republic works if we participate.