Bullet Dodged – Ebola in America appears under control


Not that my faith in our Government response is restored.

I’m glad that those who tested positive for ebola are on the mend.  I’m glad that the folks in TX don’t seem to have an outbreak on their hands.

Even though there is a Doctor in NY that tested positive for the disease. He was self monitoring as he was supposed to do. He was perhaps a little lax in that he was feeling a bit puny, but honestly I can see him perhaps chalking the fatigue up to jet lag. Once he realized he was symptomatic, he did the right thing.

I think I would have preferred that he be held in a quarantine situation, even if it was a home quarantine for the incubation period of the disease. On the other hand, were all travelers from affected areas banned, we’d have never had the issue in NY or TX in the first place. 

All that being said, we’ve been lucky. If ebola was more contagious, or airborne we’d be looking at a very different situation.

The best thing to happen from all of this insanity is that questions are being asked.

Procedures and policies are being reviewed and perhaps this whole event will serve as a reminder that our ability to travel the world in just a day or two does come at a price.  I’m happy to see that our airports are increasing their readiness for the possibility of contagious diseases. It’s prudent, reasonable, and serves to protect not only Americans but also international travelers from all countries who may be changing planes at one of our airports.

I was recently talking with friends who travel internationally often.

I’m not talking about travel to Europe or Japan. I’m talking about travel to tropical countries where there are diseases that can really do you harm or kill you.

Most of my friends don’t give it a thought. They don’t even discuss these trips with their doctor either before they leave or after they return. I’ll grant you, for some of these tropical diseases there are no vaccines, but for many there are.

When I travel on a dive trip, I’ll typically call my doctor, tell him where I’m going and ask if there are any boosters or vaccines I should have before I go.  A day or two later my Doctor calls me back and either says I’m good to go, or I should have X, Y, & Z updated or administered. Since I’m usually working with a long lead time prior to the trip, I’ve got plenty of time to get to see the Doc and have the vaccine or boosters at full effectiveness before I leave. To me, this is simply common sense. Apparently, lots of people don’t think about it.  

Heck, I even have a copy of my vaccination record in my passport. I figure if’ I’m taken ill while traveling, at least the local physicians might be able to eliminate the diseases I’ve been vaccinated against while they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong. Again, it’s about planning for the worst and generally having the best of possible situations.


After chatting with my friends, several of them decided to check with their doctors prior to their next eco-trips.

I hope that more people are paying attention to their vaccinations, and to their travel destinations. Unless you’re someone that can render aid to a disease stricken area, you have no business going there. Change your plans, why risk catching something or bringing something back? 

On the other hand, if The Zombie Apocalypse has to start anywhere, I hope it starts in TX.

Those folks are good shots, well armed, and I doubt seriously the Zombies would have a chance!